Mas Design Bauhaus Titanium Keychain / Key Carabiner Review

When a small company by the name of Mas Design set out to re-create the common carabiner, it restricted itself to design a carabiner that would have a distinct and elegant look that is unfamiliar in the world of carabiners, yet still be just as functional as every single one of them. Bauhaus is a series of titanium-made carabiners made using a single piece of EDM machined high-quality grade 5 titanium alloy with a clean and minimalist design influenced by what is known as Bauhaus styling. Mas Design's small and lightweight Bauhaus carabiners were created for the sole purpose of carrying essential items like your keys and/or other small accessories you'd be carrying with you on a daily basis using a keychain. And apparently, these were a huge success when Mas Design used Kickstarter to help fund the Bauhaus project.

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Kibardin White & White LED Desk/Wall Clock Hands-On

Every once in a while we stumble upon something that we can safely say is pretty flipping awesome. Whether it be durable hard shell wallets or a pen made to feel and look like it's a piece of a high-powered rifle, we'll do our best to feature it. If there's anything more exciting to a geek than a mechanical Giant Flip Clock, it would undoubtedly be the White & White clock by Kibardin Design. This is an all-digital LED hybrid of a clock you can mount proudly on your wall, or set standing on your desk for visitors or co-workers instant geek respect. The design is a unique concept that's beyond cool in that it brings traditional digital digits to life using a modern interpretation of a floating 3D digit type design connected to a frame made out of 1.3"-thick ABS plastic measuring 11.2" in width, and 4.3" in height.

While Kibradin's White & White clock is entirely white, a Black Edition was recently made that features a black frame with white LED digits. What good is a wall clock you can't read in the dark? Fortunately, the White & White clock takes care of that with its white LED backlit digit display which glows brightly during the day, and dims automatically when it senses the indoor lightning has dimmed thanks to a built-in ambient light sensor. We found the sensor to be very sensitive to light, and it would flicker from bright to dim in the evening as well as in poorly lit indoor environments where the clock is placed away from the light source. Unfortunately, you cannot manually adjust the brightness nor turn off the auto-dimming feature.

We must say, this is the most attention-grabbing clock we've used. Having one mounted on your wall is almost like a neon "we're open" sign. Glaring at the clock from afar makes the glowing digits pop out no matter the color of your wall. It also serves its clock purpose very well in that the glowing digits are extremely easy to read in the dark or in a brightly lit environment. And as for the rest of the White & White's white frame, it will obviously blend nicely against a white painted wall whilst the bright glowing digits stand out enough to be legible. But if you don't have a typical white colored wall, this will stand out as a whole unit whether it's lit or not.

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Flipside Strata RFID-Proof Wallet Hands-On

Continuing our Alt category is the Flipside Strata Wallet that sets itself as the "in-the-middle" of people who use card wallets and people who use money clips. It's simple and lightweight but also carries much more than just a couple of bills. Oh, and in case you've been a victim of unauthorized RFID theft, the Strata is RFID-proof. It just may replace my beloved Louis Vuitton wallet, maybe. 

The Strata wallet is a step up from the minimalistic money clip but still manages to keep itself low profile. Flipside sent us their 2X wallet earlier and we've had very nice things to say about it. The Strata is like the 2X's much sexier and improved brother, with new features such as a secure money clip on the back, a lock to keep things from falling out, and a smaller profile. For less than $30, the Strata offers quite the bang for your buck. 

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Boker Plus CID Cal .45 Tactical Pen Hands-On

We love having the opportunity to hand pick, and feature some of best and most interesting things right here on Alt. Anything goes. Today, we're taking a look at a pen. But not just any old ubiquitous pen, a tactical pen. What's the difference you ask? Potentially, life or death. While a tried and true Pilot or Bic pen will undoubtedly serve its respective purpose, a tactical pen on the other hand, could serve you as a defensive weapon in the event of an unforeseen hostile attack. The tactical aspect is what makes all the difference between your tried and true Pilot or Bic pen, and a tactical pen such as this.

Known for its cutting edge knives of all shapes and sizes, Boker has designed an ingenious tactical pen so awesome that we had to feature it on Alt. Meet the Boker Plus CID Cal .45 Tactical Pen. This is a self defense type of pen which features a German designed CNC machined aluminum body with a matte hardcoat anodized finish, and an innovative Bolt Action mechanism. It's the stealthiest, most bad ass looking tactical pen we've seen by far. The only pen with more finesse would have to be some fancy writing instrument from Montblanc. It's also not as expensive as you might have thought. Boker's CID Cal .45 can be had in either black or gray anodized aluminum colors for around $35 a pop.

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Westcomb Ozone Hoody Hands-On

Westcomb is a newly formed, premium Canadian outdoor apparel brand that makes some really great stuff with a crazy amount of technicality and know-how. And you can definitely count on a Canadain company when it comes to outerwear that's designed for cold weather conditions. Westomb doesn't skimp on quality, and you'll notice that in both the price and in the final product. A well made jacket by Westcomb can run you anywhere from $150 to $550. What you can count on is that Westcomb's winter offerings are unlike any other.

Westcomb is one of the few advanced apparel brands that doesn't outsource production. Instead, it makes all of its outerwear at its home base, Canada. Before we dive into one of many amazingly designed and crafted Westcomb jackets, we've got our cold hands on the Ozone Hoody. It's one of Westcomb's new Robin-hooded sweatshirt for men that'll run you $180. Although Westcomb does not make this particular hoody for women, it does offer other styles. We've noticed a trend in highly skilled brands using Polartech as an exclusive material to comprise their winter outerwear, and Westcomb is no exception. At first sight, the Ozone Hoody will grab your attention with its awesome blend of tiger-strip styling and vibrant sporty blue color. Unless of course, you dislike blue. In which case, the Ozone Hoody also comes in 5 completely different colors; one of them will even camouflage you with a brownish bear color.

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Ziiiro Celeste Watch Hands-On

In search for a stand-out, cool looking wrist watch? Ziiiro's line of watches is anything but conventional. Ziiiro is a fairly new company, and compared to the well known giants, Ziiiro's unique design concept for its watches is like a small ecstasy pill with a smiley face on it. So if manly thrusting watches like Tissot's PRS 516 don't tickle your fancy, let Ziiiro sort you out with one of its eye-grabbing watches. The Celeste is the company's latest analog watch with a watch face so uncommon, it's a mind-bender to interpret at first glance. But first, you will have to part with $205 from your pile of cash in order to get yourself one. After that, you might like to know that the Celeste is made entirely out of stainless steel, so it's pretty hefty for its fragile-looking size.

The way you tell time is by looking at the two transparent plastic discs that overlap one another, each with a gradient that causes a multitude of awesome looking gradient color tones. Of course, there are no numbers to be found, instead you'll have to look at the subtle corresponding notches made in the Celeste's stainless steel casing which are positioned accurately where otherwise a digit or numeral would be on any other analog watch.

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iOS App Icon Drink Coasters Hands-On

Do you like drinking coffee, tea or anything related to drinking while at the comfort of your own home or office? You probably do. If you also happen to be an avid user of Apple's iOS, it'll only be natural that you'd like to show you're an iDevice user. While Android users have their Android figurines to play with, you can bring some of your favorite iOS icon apps to life with custom made iOS coasters that look like real-life glossy app icons with a few simple steps and a $20 bill.

Due to copyright issues with Apple, you cannot find these wonderful iOS app icon coasters anywhere for quick purchase. One way to bypass this issue is to make your own, perfectly legal personal use iOS app coasters. The first step is to find a service which will let you use Apple's icon files and have them make you your custom coasters. Shutterfly is one service we found to be excellent. Shutterfly's printing quality and coaster materials are very good if not superb. Each coaster is made from a thick kind of extremely hard and stiff polycarbonate with a layer of cork backing which is infused together as one solid piece.

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Dosh Blade Card Wallet Hands-On

The Blade is Dosh's latest minimalist wallet to find its way into our pocket. The Blade looks a lot less like the defined wallet you'd expect, and more in the lines of a compact card carrier. The sleek and slim form factor, and the two-face design allows the Blade to hold up to two cards on one side while it also features a pretty clever brushed metal money clip around the back for American and European bills.

It's called the Blade for a good reason as it's incredibly thin. Roughly as thin as the iPhone 5 or a no. 2 pencil. If you ever need to carry more than two cards, the Blade will most likely be a deal breaker for you. Then consider Dosh's more advanced 3 or 6 card capacity wallets like the wonderfully practical Luxe 3 and Luxe 6 we had the pleasure of taking a look at. 

Dosh is an Australian company that makes some of the most unique and practical to use wallets we've come across. Like most of the Dosh wallets, the Blade is available in 7 incredible vibrant two-tone colors that we guarantee no one else would think about for a wallet. The special recyclable materials, design and quality each Dosh wallet has is unlike any other wallet.

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GearPods Survival Pro Kit Hands-On

There is one thing you should never leave home without when venturing out into the wild, and that's survival gear. It really goes without saying, and there are plenty of options and survival gear out there for you to pick and choose from. One company stood out to us however, and that's GearPods. This is a company that takes all of the required survival tools and creates various types of kits which come in modular pods. Not just any pods though, GearPods are extremely tough, durable and lightweight pipe containers made from transparent polycarbonate - available in different sizes and colors that feature a waterproof design and easy-to-twist grippable end caps also known as GearPods' Terminators.

We've got our hands on the GearPods Survival Pro, a 6-inch long (3.2-inch in diameter) pre-assembled kit system that's equipped with a GearPods Survival kit and Stove System designed and geared for navigating, signalling, fire starting, purifying water, fishing and snaring, small equipment and clothing repairs, boiling water and last but certainly not least, cooking! All this using only a 6-inch long waterproof tube that fits in your backpack like a small portable speaker. The GearPods Survival Pro feels very well made and designed, and so are the additional components and containers.

While you can choose between multiple types of GearPods kits like the $89 GearPods Backcountry which packs a "mini hospital" module on top of a Survival Pro kit filled with first aid accessories, you can also purchase empty pods and parts to create you own customized gear care package. But since these are all waterproof, you can alternately use these for protective gadgets and other things which don't necessarily have anything to do with the concept of keeping you alive. We highly recommend that you check out some of the offerings GearPods has to offer.

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Triple Aught Design Ranger Hoodie Hands-On

Do you feel that? It's getting cold, real freezing cold. Winter is upon us and quite frankly we don't feel like freezing our asses off out in the cold. Our Californian weather is insanely unpredictable and we don't think we're alone on that front. So a good backup plan is to always have the right type of gear to pick from that closet of yours. It's that time of year where you look for something fresh to replace your old clothes that have seen quite a few harsh winters and admirable use. 

Triple Aught Design or TAD for short, is one of those brand names which are hard to come by and that offers really amazing apparel that easily matches if not surpasses some of the big-time and well known brand names in the outdoor outfitting arena. The company is famous amongst military personal as well as the tactical oriented crowed, and for good reason. Triple Aught Design is stationed in San Francisco where it makes all of its outdoor, tactical and adventure oriented clothing and gear designed for people who appreciate quality, well thought-out stuff.

Triple Aught Design's $219 Ranger Hoodie is one of the outfitter's best selling jacket that's available for men in four colors, while the slightly more expensive $235 Valkyrie Hoodie is the women's equivalent. The Ranger Hoodie is not a typical hoodlum hoodie you'd find at your local retailer. Far from it in fact. It features a modern-cut designed with tactical aspects and a seam-less design using a Polartec WindPro material that's coated with DWR for superior rain-resistance, a zippered design, six strategically placed YKK zippered chest and arm storage pockets with D-rings inside for secure tethering of your small essential gear and two side arm patch Velcro areas for customization.

And then you've got little details like armpit ventilation, thumbhole cuts made to the cuff keeps your hands warmer when not using gloves as well as a glow in the dark removable logo emblem. Removable! That's what we call a true tactical jacket. If a head warming hoodie is not your forte, Triple Aught Design's Ranger Jacket should peak your interest even more.

The Ranger Hoodie is the type of jacket that you can wear indoors and outdoors without needing the help of a massive nylon rain garment to keep you dry and warm. Triple Aught Design uses a soft material called Polartec WindPro fabric which makes the exterior and interior of the Ranger Hoodie jacket, and is essentially a type of fleece that's very thick and hefty compared to the thin and unsatisfying fleece used in other jackets. That also means that the Ranger Hoodie is quite a heavy jacket, but one that's evenly distributed and feels well balanced when put on. After all, the thicker and heavier the jacket is, the warmer you're going to be.

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Mypressi Twist V2 Portable Espresso Maker Hands-On

Now is about the time all of you tea sippers should look away, because we're talking coffee! Wholesome, aromatic, bold espresso to be exact. Some say a shot of espresso is the best, most effective energy drink on a Monday morning. So leave that 5-hour energy at home, and bring with you one of these bad boys. Meet the Twist V2 by Mypressi. It's the portable, handheld espresso machine you can take with you just about anywhere to pull yourself a fresh shot of delicious espresso, courtesy of your favorite blend.

We took the Twist V2 for a little espresso making spin to see if it really can recreate a quality shot comparable to full fledged machines that run upwards of $2,000 as Mypressi claims. Mypressi's Twist V2 is a remarkable machine that requires no plugging in of any sort which is why they call it portable. The Twist uses a patented pneumatic technology that produces 9 bars of pressure using a single standard N2O (Nitrous Oxide) gas cartridge, the same widely available cartridge you would use for a whipped cream canister, which is the source that powers up the Twist V2 and delivers the intense pressure that forces the hot water stored inside its metal dome-shaped water bowl down into the espresso pod and out thru the metal showerhead creating the espresso with a push of a button. On the spot.

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Sigg Sport Bottles With Active Top Hands-On

Since the time we got our hands on Bobble's active filtering plastic-made water bottles, Sigg has introduced its new aluminum made, durable water bottles featuring a new smart drinking system Sigg calls Active Top. If you ever considered getting yourself a reusable water bottle, suffice to say you're familiar with this Swiss household name. Sigg has started the metal bottle revolution with its original aluminum bottles that featured the iconic screw-in loop bottle top designed in a way that lets hikers and mountain climbers attach their bottle to the rest of their gear using a secure carabineer clip. The new Active Top equipped Sigg bottles bring an even easier and secure way of drinking while at the gym, work and out in the great outdoors without taking your eyes off the prize. 

The new Active Top Sigg bottles have a sporty look and come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes ranging from the largest at 34oz (1L), 25oz (.75L), 20oz (.6L) and the smallest Active Top bottles geared towards children complete with cutesy colorful designs at 13.5oz (.4L). Sigg's 34oz and 25oz Active Top bottles carry the same price of $27, the 20oz at $25 and the smallest of them all is priced at $23. Sigg provided us with their 1L Siggnificant Black and .75L Dynamic White styled bottles for reference.

Sigg's new Active Top bottles are designed for plain water and even carbonated beverages alike. The bottles feature a rotating top that's essentially a smart closure and ventilation system with four set positions; close - air - open - clean. The Active Top's valve is designed to let air pressure out from stored carbonated beverages before reaching the Active Top's open position so to avoid a sudden burst of energy squirting you in the face.

The great thing about Sigg's Active Top mechanism is it allows you to drink from the bottle as you would drink from a cup using a straw without having to unscrew the cap off or tilt your head back when drinking out of the bottle thanks to the integrated silicone drinking straw. Attached to that is a replaceable rubbery bite valve that not only insures that the bottle doesn't spill liquid when knocked over if left in the "open" position, but also lets you control the flow much like the bite valve on a hydration pack. To drink you need to bite on the valve and suck the water out. Very awkward at first, but you end up getting the hang of it the more you use it. The mouth piece is protected with a plastic cap that sadly isn't attached to the top itself, so prepare to lose it.

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Tissot PRS 516 Watch Hands-On

Other than displaying the time, date and chronograph instruments, a watch says a lot about the person who wears it. Since way back when, timepieces were and still continue to be an important accessory one can wear. And although you may wear a fancy watch, you'll end up reaching for your smartphone to tell the time more often than not. It's a habit that came to be as a result of modern society. But some of us feel weirdly incomplete without wearing one. And we're not ashamed to admit that we too reach deep into our pockets for that conveniently back-lit digital clock that just so happens to be our everything device.

Our hands-on today includes the Swiss-made PRS 516 watch by a company called Tissot. You may or may not recall the name immediately, but chances are that you've seen one of their watches at a watch boutique and just about everywhere watches are sold. Tissot has been around for years and they've been in the Swiss watch making biz since 1853, which is proudly stamped on every watch face Tissot makes. 

Tissot watches are known to be in the affordable category as far as known brand named watched are concerned. The PRS 516, which our friends at Ticwatches kindly let us get our hands on, is actually a part of an entire series of Tissot's Sport lineup which includes a magnitude of styles and color flavors. This particular PRS 516 model we've got here is the T0444172105100 that retails for $550, or at a more pleasant $330 over at Ticwatches. Tissot's PRS 516 is a chronograph watch with a quartz movement that features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal surrounded by a beautiful black metal tachymeter bezel (static), and can submerged under water down to depths of 330ft/100m.

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Welcome to Alt

We're thrilled to announce Alt! Our third curated content blog. Gadgetmac Alt is a new alternative section that will focus on lifestyle related products. That means we will be featuring in-depth, hands-on content with some of the amazing things that interest us most and could not find it to be relevant to be put up elsewhere. We love our tech, but we think it'll be great to expand into some of the things that everyone can relate to. Anything goes at Alt, so we welcome everyone to enjoy what's to come! And of course, lots of great photos included!

Bobble Active Filtering Water Bottle Hands-On

Nothing is better than drinking pure water, right? It's healthy, refreshing, natural and pretty much free. What's not healthy nor natural though is all of the contaminates and nasty stuff that you can't see in the tap water you drink. Drinking tap water is something most of us do with the exception of those who are fortunate enough to get natural spring and mineral water, so why not use something that can filter out all the bad stuff and leave you drinking cleaner, tastier tap water?

Cue the Bobble bottle. This is not an ordinary water bottle, its got a built-in replaceable carbon filter that filters out all that crap in today's water as you drink. The Bobble's filter removes the awful taste of tap water, chlorine and other contaminants in drinking water behind so you end up drinking cleaner, odorless, better tasting water. Or at least that's the claim. We taste tested the Bobble's claim to fame and drew a surprising result.

If you live in the city and aren't as fortunate to be living in the Swiss Alps where the tap water is natural spring water, the Bobble will come in handy when you're out training and playing hard. In fact, it's even a more affordable alterative to using one of those household Brita filters which I personally have attached to my faucet. Brita also makes similar water bottles with their own filters, albeit with less style and without variety and options. The Bobble has a striking, beautifully sleek bobbleacious design that's made in the USA using PVC-free and BPA-free clear plastic. You can reuse it as many times as you'd like without having to worry about scary chemicals contaminating the water you drink over time.

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CanvasPop Instagram Canvas Prints Hands-On

Instagram is one of those photo sharing apps that has caught a wild cult following of just about every smartphone user. Instagram's powerful array of enhancing filters make your already good looking photos look all the more picturesque. Some turn out so great that they're worthy of being proudly displayed on your wall for ever to be admired. It's just so happens that CavasPop is here to help you put your best digital Instagrams on canvas using its effortless print service.

CanvasPop's PicturePerfect technology promises your full-out filtered Instagram photos to look crisp without pixelation on canvas even if you're using a low-resolution image. We've gone ahead and put CanvasPop's claim to fame to the test in our in-depth hands-on!

Turning your Instagram photos into wall art is as quick and easy as 1-2-3. The process isn't done thru your smartphone or the Instagram app, but instead done straight thru the CanvasPop Instagram page. You have the option to choose from two canvas sizes, a small 12"x12" square canvas at $40 - or the larger 20"x20" square canvas at $114 which is the one we're reviewing here. The 20"x20" canvas print is definitely expensive for its size, and it isn't going to fill a large, blank wall very well obviously. The much smaller 12"x12" canvas size is suitable for comprising multiple extension that make up a larger and creative wall art pattern or to be hung on a small piece of wall space so that it doesn't look ridiculous out of place. It's up to you and your budget of course. CanvasPop prints your Instagram photos on 20x20 perfectly squared thick, frameless canvas with real solid wood internal frame base, and then ships it to you inside a well protected cardboard packaging.

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Dosh Luxe 3 & Luxe Collab Wallets Hands-On

One thing is for sure, we all need a wallet to keep our money in until the time comes to purchase our next gadget. We took a look at a few different kinds of card wallets in the past, and today we have yet another wallet treat for you made by an Australian company called Dosh. Dosh makes a few different types of wallets made out of future-proof materials, we're going to review two that are pretty much the most kick ass wallets I've ever used. Be prepared, because your wallet is about to shave off some of its cash reserves.

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Little Clock Shop Giant Flip Clock Hands-On

Clocks never interest me unlike watches. Maybe it was because that up until now, the clocks I've come to know were so plain and boring that I've always looked for an alternative route like putting my huge 27-inch display to good use for displaying digital time in a flip clock fashion. Like many others, I caught the popular flip clock fever. There's something unique and intriguing about the way a flip clock looks and works. Thankfully, I can now let go of my virtual XouClock flip clock screen saver, iPhone and iPad apps for the real thing. 

This is the Giant Flip Clock from the people over at the Little Clock Shop. That's the place where you can get clocks that are anything but your run-of-the-mill, plain Jane clocks most of us have in our homes and offices. If you're a flip clock fan or just someone who wants to add a sweet gadget to their desk, this is the one-of-a-kind clock to get.

Out of the box, the Giant Flip Clock is ready to flip thru time and look ridiculously awesome on your desk. What if you don't have any room left in your workspace? Well you can always mount the Giant Flip Clock on your wall using one of the two mounting brackets around the back polished metal frame that houses the clock mechanism gears. Before you can brag to your friends, you'll need to set up the time which turned out to be a tedious process depending on the current time and the time that has been set on the Giant Flip Clock you just took out of the box.

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Exotac nanoStriker & Matchcap Hands-On

More often than not we tend to pass on survival gear as if they aren't necessary every day carry items. We dislike most survival gear because of their inconvenient, boring and tasteless design that we would never want to carry around on a daily basis. Luckily there are companies out there like Exotac that take design very seriously as if they weren't making survival gear at all, but instead each and every one of Exotac's products have an intriguing smart designs anyone would mistake them for something they aren't. Exotec's fire starters look oh so good, but do they really work when put to the test?

Starting with Exotac's most wanted fire starter, the nanoStriker, we're presented with a well put together package that's stocked with a few extras like extra orange rubber O-rings, a metal keychain ring adapter as well as a nice long wrist lanyard paracord you can use to attach the nanoStriker to various objects instead of attaching it to your keys. There are two holes at both ends that will fit both methods of attachments that fit your needs. Very smart of Exotac to put these small features that make the nanoStriker all that more useful and comfortable to carry around with you. The nanoStriker comes in a few different anodized aluminum colors that have a refined texture and finish that really looks sharp. It'll run you only $26.95, however the quality screams a whole lot more.

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Flipside 2X Wallet Hands-On

Over the years I've used countless wallets, leather and plastic alike and while most of the leather wallets I used held up well, the plastic ones lasted only a few months. The biggest problem with ordinary wallets is that they just take up to much space and become bulky. The Flipside 2X wallet seems to come from an entirely different species of wallets you don't see every day, and it also stands out to the geek inside us.

The Flipside 2X wallet flips and opens up to the full extent so that it's very comfortable to reach all your cards and insert/take out the ones you need quickly and with ease. A notable feature that the Flipeside 2X has is an RFID blocking shield that keeps your information safe if your cards have smart chips inside of them. Not only will your information be safe and secure, the Flipside 2X's tough construction insures that your cards will never get bent where as using a normal wallet does sometimes bend up plastic cards. We really love the compact design that the Flipside 2X wallet has to offer, and the fact that it allows you to carry you most used cards with you at all times without using up unnecessary space. Normal wallets are too bulky and have a lot of padding that is wasting a lot of space while the Flipside 2X wallet perfectly fits cards and bills and matches their size.

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