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iPlifier Solves Your iPhone 5 Speaker Hand Cupping Problem

Stop cupping your hand beneath your iPhone's puny, oddly positioned speaker and let the iPlifier do the work for you. Currently a low-cost Kickstarter product, the iPlifier is a little plastic adapter that connects into the Lightning port of the iPhone 5 to scoop up the audio coming from the small speaker in order to direct the sound towards you. And we all know that by doing so, the sound significantly improves. The low-profile design allows the iPlifier to fit in with most protective cases which have a wide bottom opening. It's significantly less bulkier solution to using cases such as the AmpJacket. You can even attach it to your keychain using the included quick-connect clasp. It's a small accessory that literally fixes a big problem that hopefully Apple will address in the future. Pledging $5 will net you one iPlifier in the color of your choice.

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