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Capture Insane 360 Degree Videos Using Your iPhone 4

The GoPano micro is a neat little lens that attaches to your iPhone 4's rear 5MP camera using a custom protective case and it allows you to capture 360 degree panoramic videos without spending a fortune. The GoPano micro lens records 360 degree videos of everything that's around simultaneously and you can swipe to get a different prospective at any point and time. The GoPano micro project is currently on Kickstarter and you can pre-order yours for $50. In the meantime, check out the GoPano in action in the video above.


Angry Birds Rio For iOS Devices & Mac Out now

And just like that, Angry Birds Rio is out now for iOS devices. Angry birds Rio is a whole new and redesigned gameplay focusing on freeing birds from cages rather than smashing pigs. The new app is available now for the iPad for $2.99 and $.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch, respectively. There are 60 levels to start you off with more on the way.

Update: Angry Birds Rio is now also available for Macs in the Mac App Store for $4.99.



Rovio Demos Angry Birds Rio (Video)

Rovio demoed a little of the upcoming Angry Birds Rio based off of Rio the animated movie at SXSW festival. The demo shows a completely new and redesigned Angry Birds concept without any pigs this time, and instead you are aiming to free birds inside their cages and moving birds. Angry Birds Rio debuts on March 22 exclusively on the Amazon App Store for the Android marketplace and on the Apple App Store later on. Check out some gameplay footage after the break.

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Time Warner Cable's New iPad App Lets You Watch Live TV

Time Warner Cable subscribers can now watch live TV on their iPad from anywhere in their home using their WiFi network for free using the new TWCable TV app. No need for extra hookups, you can instantly start streaming channels on your iPad including Time Warner Cable's HD lineup. More features will be added soon like a Remote DVR Manager and a Remote Tuner which lets you use your iPad as a remote to control live programming, Video On Demand and set your DVR when you're on the go. You also need to have Time Warner's internet services in addition to having their cable services. My hopes were high until I remembered I use AT&T as my ISP. 


Angry Birds Seasons Gets A Free Hogs And Kisses Update

Angry Birds Seasons got updated today with the new Hogs And Kisses update for Valentine's Day. The new update is free if you already own the Angry Birds Seasons app for both the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and costs $0.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch if you're purchasing for the first time, and $1.99 for the iPad version. The new Hogs And Kisses update brings 15 new levels and a whole lot of pink. 


Angry Birds Vacationing In Rio 

Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds one of the most popular games in the mobile world, are collaborating with the folks at 20th Century Fox to create a Rio themed Angry Birds game with dedicated 45 levels based on the motion picture releasing in March. Rio is a new and upcoming animated movie releasing in April 15th and of course it's all about birds. The upcoming Angry Birds game will be available to download on smart phones and tablets worldwide. 


COD: 4 Makes It's Way Into The Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is getting pumped with many apps each day since it's launch. Aspyr's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the first major games to hit the Mac App Store and offers all the online multiplayer and single campaign awesomeness you can handle for $49.99. This is one big file to download at 6.85GB, with Apple's fast servers it shouldn't take you too long to download though. Get your game on.