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Case-Mate Outs Hula iPhone 4 Cases

Case-Mate has released their new Hula case for the iPhone 4. The Hula is very similar to Apple's Bumper case with one difference, it has a clear plastic middle to show off your iPhone 4's metal bezel in between the colored silicone frame. The Hula combines two materials, impact resistant silicone edges and a clear TPR plastic. With the Hula case you get a screen protector as well as a back protector to keep everything scratch-free. The Hula case is available right now in nine colors for $19.99.

Source Case-Mate


Kenisgton Announces PowerBack Battery Case for iPad

I don't know about you but my iPad's battery can last forever, well maybe not forever but it does last for a very long time, and if you're not satisfied with your iPad's battery life, Kesington are coming out with the PowerBack battery case for the iPad which will provide you with up to 5 hours of extra fun with it's built-in 4400mAh battery. The PowerBack's built-in kickstand conveniently props up your iPad to comfortable viewing angles like landscape, portrait and even typing. You can sync and charge your iPad without having to remove it out of the case by a mini USB port. The PowerBack battery case has a soft-touch matte finish to it for better grip as well as LED battery indicators. You can pre-orders yours starting today on Amazon and on Kesington's website for $129.99.

Source Kensington


Incipio DermaSHOT Case for iPod Touch 4G Now Available

Incipio just now made available their first case for the iPod Touch 4G, the DermaSHOT. This is a simple tight fitting silicone case with a silky anti-static coating. The DermaSHOT for the iPod Touch 4G includes a video stand, dock connector port cover and a screen protector. Not a bad value for $19.99! The DermaSHOT is now shipping in black, pink and purple. 

Source Incipio


The Alternative To The Bumper Case

Don't like Apple's free black Bumper case? SGP's Neo Hybrid EX might be the best alternative Bumper case for your iPhone 4, and it comes in eight colors. The Neo Hybrid EX features a soft silicone layer and a UV coated hard polycarbonate frame. The Neo Hybrid EX is available now for $29.99.

Source SGP


Sena Teases Us With New Keyboard Folio for iPad

With more companies coming out with keyboard integrated iPad cases, Sena announced it's new leather Keyboard Folio for the iPad. The Keyboard Folio has a built-in bluetooth keyboard which can be used when folded out to the stand position. You can pre-order one now at a discounted price of $129.99. The Keyboard Folio for iPad is expected to ship starting October 7. 

Source Sena


Tech 21 Refreshed iBand Cases for iPhone 4 

Tech21 the makers of the iBand for the iPhone 3G/S are getting ready to release their updated version for the iPhone 4. The new iBand for iPhone 4 will be available in various colors and will feature the companies famous D3o, the shock absorbing compound that offers x2 more protection for your device. No price or other details available as of now. The new iBand is expected to be released this August. 

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DefaultCase's One Penny iPhone 4 Case


This might be your lucky day because DefaultCase are selling their iPhone 4 cases for just $0.01, yes just for one penny. DefaultCase claim that there is not hidden fees or catches behind this ridiculous price. Of course there is a shipping fee of $3.99. These hard shell perforated cases come in six colors with a soft-touch coating. Remind you of some other case you've seen in the past? They do look very similar to the Incase Perforated Snap case for the iPhone 3G/S, but I'm not complaining. Don't think you can score more than one case per shipping charge, because DefaultCase will charge a shipping fee on every single case ordered. Hit up the source link for more.

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