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iLounge Reviews Minimal's LunaTik iPod Nano 6G Watch Kit

iLounge got their hands on the most talked about iPod nano 6G watch conversion kit yet, the LunaTik. Minimal designed the LunaTik like no other watch band for the iPod nano 6G and made it out of aluminum and a heavy duty rubber and metal strap. So how does the most expensive iPod nano 6G watch conversion kit priced at $70 perform? Head on over to iLounge for their review plus a lot more pics. 

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Griffin Reveals It's Reveal iPhone 4 Case


Pictured by iLounge

Griffin have announced a few new cases for the iPhone 4 including the Reveal case which from the looks of it, a great looking case. The Reveal is super slim at just 1.6mm in thickness and it's made from a clear polycarbonate back to show off your iPhone 4's back and rubber band that goes along your iPhone's metal band, similar to Apple's Bumper case. The Reveal is now available and currently it's only available in black with a price tag of $24.99.

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