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FreedomPop Offers Free 4G Connectivity 

Well… Sort of. FreedomPop has created an alternative to users who are tight on their monthly data plans. They are offering 500 MB of data on Clearwire’s 4G WiMAX network for free. With anything that is free, there is always a catch. Their iPhone case that provides said “free” data will cost you a whopping $99. Aside from 500 MBs of data, it is also capable of providing up to an extra 6 hours of battery life. FreedomPop is currently taking pre-orders on their website.


IK Multimedia Announces iRig iOS Accessories For Mobile Podcasting and Music Making

IK Multimidie has announced three new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch peripherals joining the likes of their Amplitube Adapter and iMac accessories. The iRig MIC Cast, iRIG MIX, and iRig Stomp are their latest products. The MIC Cast is a mic aimed toward mobile podcasters that hooks up to your iOS device through its headphone jack and has a unidirectional mic and a 3.5mm port for headphone monitoring. The MIC Cast is a tad bit bigger than the Square credit card reader and matches the slimness of the iPhone. It does include recording and voice processing apps to get things perfect. This device comes out in Q1 this year for €29.99($38). Check out the rest inside!

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Dock Your iPhone, iPod On The Aluminum Blok Dock

Docks aren't always case-friendly, and most are made out of plastic. The Blok Dock is a bit more satisfying if you're an Apple enthusiast and is essentially a slab of CNC machined aluminum shaped into a rounded-edged podium block that works with any iPhone and iPod with or without a case. Even the bulkiest of cases can fit into the Blok Dock with a quick adjustment and using your own USB sync and charge cable as the power source. The recessed bottom acts as a cable manager to help conceal excess cable for cleaner looking desk. Apple fanboys and fangirls would appreciate the Blok Dock having a similar anodized aluminum finish matching all Apple gadgets. 

This block of aluminum doesn't come cheap at $55 though. Pre-orders are now at full swing over at kickstarter with the black and red finished Blok Dock costing an extra $5 and $10, respectively. 


Interactive Creature Case For iPhone And iPod Touch Might Scare Your Kids 

This is one of those iPhone cases that make you ask yourself "WTF is that thing?". This creature of a case is not so ironically called the Creature Case, and it's an interactive case made for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and 5G that is made from silicone and has 21 squid-like nodes that act as shock absorbers as well as let you attach the included 9 different types of bits called limbs which transform the Creature Case into a playful toy. The attachable limbs also act as a support stand for the iOS device. Although the Creature Case was designed to fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, a cleaver insert layer can adapt the Creature Case to older iPhone and iPod Touch models and even as far as future iPhones. Because a perfect snug fit doesn't really bother your kids right? 
What makes the Creature Case come to life as a small, cute mutated creature is the Creature Feature app that allows you to add and animate facial features. Either your kids will love the Creature Case, or have nightmares from it. You can pre-order the Creature Case in green, blue and pink for $25 over at Kickstarter. Be sure to catch the video right after the cut! Thanks for the tip, Chelsea!

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PowerSkin Gaming Case Brings Power And Bulk To iPhone & iPod Touch

PowerSkin's Gaming Case miraculously fits the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/S and all iPod Touch models adding more grip for better handling those racing games while also providing additional battery power thanks to a 2050mAh internal rechargeable battery that promises to double your battery life. The Gaming Case is a one-piece silicone rubber case and lets you charge and sync your iOS device while still inside the case. PowerSkin's Gaming Case doesn't look very tempting when compared to Mophie's Pulse gaming case made for the iPod Touch 4G that not only adds an internal battery backup, but also adds vibration feedback and better built-in stereo speakers in a more appealing design. 

PowerSkin's Gaming Case is now ready to pre-order for $69.99 and is expected to start shipping early next year.


Samsung's The Next Big Thing Ad Pokes Fun At iPhone Customers

Apple had its laugh for a few years when it was running its renowned Mac vs. PC ads, and now it's time for Samsung to have its fun and poke some of its frustration over at Apple with a new set of parody ads featuring its Galaxy S II with the massive 4.3-inch screen that makes the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S look ridiculously small in comparison. Samsung's ad titled The Next Big Thing, shows iPhone users in desperate need of a larger screen and 4G speeds waiting in line for the iPhone 4S. 

Stem Outs Time Command Mini Alarm Clock Speaker Dock

Stem has released a mini version of its much larger Time Command alarm clock speaker dock for the iPad, iPhone and iPod called the Time Command Mini. Stem wanted to take up less space on your nightstand without sacrificing audio quality. The app-enhanced Time Command Mini carries with it all of its bigger bro's features including the unique pivoting dock connector supports devices in or out of most protective cases to make docking easier than ever. The curved LED is fully dimmable using buttons on the clock or within the app.

The compact alarm clock speaker dock is said to offer surprisingly big sound in a small footprint as it plays audio from and charges iPad, iPhone or iPod. With the help of the free Stem:Connect app, features like SafeWake ensure that you wake on time and when you plug in your iOS device your time and app-set alarms are automatically transferred to the Time Command Mini when you dock. It's available right now for $79.95.

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