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Monster Unleashes All New Beats Products

Today Monster announced a slew of new audio products to the current line of Beats audio products. The new offerings from Monster include the more serious Beats Pro that are designed more for DJing use which cost $450, $100 more than the Beats Studio headphones. The Powerbeats are a collaboration with both Dr. Dre and LeBron James that are designed for athletes and active people who need to have a secured fit, these will run you $180. The iBeats are in-ear earbuds with ControlTalk for controlling your music and taking calls. With an all-metal housing, the $100 iBeats are similar to Monster's other offerings like the Turbine and Jamz. 

As you can see from the image above there are also the purple Just Beats which might be similar to the current Solo line but with other colors. We have no info on those as of yet. Monster has finally introduced a speaker dock for the iPhone and iPod called the Beatbox for a hefty price tag of $450, Monster says these will provide the signature Beats sound you will love and recreate a club experience with deep bass and sound that will fill a room and might get the cops knocking on your door. You can now pre-order the Beats Pro, iBeats and Powerbeats and expect them to be released in mid October. 

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Transform Your iPod Nano Into An iWatch 

We all knew this would be the most popular thing to do with your new iPod nano when Steve Jobs said it could be worn as a wrist watch. If you didn't already know, you can set the lock screen as a watch on the new iPod nano and clip it onto a watch strap to have your very own geeky squared iWatch. All you need is a piece of watch strap like the one seen above for $17 or you can try eBay for cheaper options. 

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Engadget Posts First iPod Touch 4G & iPod Nano 6G Reviews 

Engadget have got their hands on Apple's new iPod Touch 4G and iPod nano 6G, and also posted their reviews. The new 2010 iPod Touch brings 720p HD video recording, FaceTime with a front VGA camera and a retina display. The biggest disappointments are while the back facing camera shots 720p HD video, it only takes still images less than 1MP and without a touch to focus function. There is a big difference in image quality between the 2010 iPod Touch and the iPhone 4 main cameras. To see still image samples plus an HD video sample, hit up the source link below. 

The new 2010 iPod nano brings multi-touch interface and loses it's camera in a new ultra small package. Hit up the second source link for more. 

Source Engadget, Engadget 2


Apple TV Comes Back in Black for $99!

Steve Jobs does the famous "One more Thing" with the long overdue update to the Apple TV. There were rumours that the new Apple TV would look just like an iPhone except without a screen, but as it turns out it is a fourth of the size of the original and it is black, black plastic. Which is most likely one of the reasons why Apple lowered the cost. Apple's A4 processor now powers the new Apple TV for effortless streaming without any stutters or freezes. 

This update is a drastic change from the previous model, as no content is stored on the device, all of it is downloaded straight from iTunes as rentals. On the back of the new Apple TV, there are inputs for one HDMI cable, power cable (no more power brick as the power supply is now built in), optical audio and ethernet. You can control the Apple TV by the supplied aluminum remote or by the Apple Remote app using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via AirPlay. You can get all the fine details here

To give you an idea of how small this box really is, you can fit it on the palm of your hand.


Scosche Announces Cases for New iPod Touch 4G & iPod Nano 6G


After todays Apple keynote and announcement of all new iPods for 2010, Scosche and other companies quickly race to announce and reveal their case and accessory offerings for the new Apple products. Scosche today announced new cases for the iPod Touch 4G with front and back camera as well as cases for the iPod Nano 6G with touch screen. The SwitchBack case pictured above is a polycarbonate case with interchangeable backs and also a glossy integrated kickstand back plate. The SwitchBack is available in various colors for $34.99 with expected ship date of early October. You can pre-order yours right now on Scosche's site.

The Scosche TightGrip for the new iPod Nano 6G with touch screen is a simple silicone skin that comes in a pack of three for $19.99 and it's also expected to ship early October. Available for pre-order now on Scosche now. 

Scosche also announced many other cases for the new iPod Touch 4G including a hybrid version of the KickBack which features rubber and hard plastic for $29.99, BeefKase polycarbonate case with outer leather and other colors. 

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The New Xbox 360 Controller Confirmed for November Release 

It's about time Microsoft refreshed their Xbox 360's controller after recently refreshing the system itself, today Microsoft confirmed a new Xbox 360 controller with improved D-pad that has patented design to do amazing stuff, twist it to adjust the height. The Analog sticks have also been re-designed slightly and the ABXY buttons have lost their colors and are now translucent monochrome. The new matte silver controller will only be bundles with the Play and Charge kit for $64.99 on November 9 in the US and with a European release date on February. 

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Canon 60D Announced For This September 

Canon officially announced it's new Canon 60D DSLR with an 18MP sensor, single DIGIC 4 processor, shoots still images at 5.3fps, 1080p at 24 and 30fps, 720p at 60fps in H.264 video recording with an articulating 3" LCD screen. The 60D's ISO range from 100-6,400, expandable all the way to 12,800. There is also a new feature that allows for in-camera video editing. Expected to be released at the end of this September for $1,100 (Body only) and $1,400 for the 18-135mm zoom lens kit.

Source Engadget | Gizmodo

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