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House of Marley Official Bob Marley Inspired Headphones & Dock

The Legendary Bob Marley will now be remembered even more closely by these Bob Marley inspired over-ear headphones and in-ear earphones. The House of Marley was created by Bob Marley's family and helps support the Marley family charity. The audio products line are made with eco-conscious materials have robust bass. As of right now there is very limited information on these new House of Marley audio products but we will have more info as the site fully launches on January 6th. 


Get Your iPhone 4 The Teardown Treatment Skin

Love your iPhone 4's insides so much? You can now take a look at them all day without having to open the back cover of your iPhone 4 using this Teardown decal made to look exactly like the guts of the iPhone 4. This 3M skin can also be used as a scratch protection for the back of your iPhone 4 and will leave no sticky residue.  You can pick the Teardown decal for $9.99 at Etsy.


Everyone Wants A Piece of the Apple Store

Does this look familiar to you? This is Barnes & Noble's new Nook in-store product placements or show room if you like to call it. This is very similarly planned to Apple's store showcase of products, with working display Nooks for customers to interact with. 

And here we have Microsoft's store which even more resembles an Apple store with similar product placement, lighted logo and mixed color shirted employees everywhere. 

Source CrunchGear