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Sony Unveils Their 4K OLED TV, Unfortunately A Prototype As Of Now

It's Sony's time to shine and they've got 4K OLED to show off at CES today. Back in 2007, Sony outed the first OLED TV that was a measly 11 inches that was met with lackluster enthusiasm from the crowd, as you can imagine. Bigger is always better, or so the saying goes. However now in 2013, they're back with a vengeance and have come out with something much bigger and more impressive.

It has been confirmed that a 56 inch 4K OLED TV prototype is in the works and has been revealed on the CES floor. As you can imagine, 4K displays has been a goal for many manufacturers and to say the least, the quality is stunning. The quality of the OLED display aims to show much crisper and "organic" color and picture and with the combination of 4K resolution, you might not ever take your eyes off it after the first look. Sadly, we have to keep in mind that this is still a prototype with no announcement on pricing or availability yet, but you can bet Sony's 4K resolution and OLED combo will cost a pretty penny. 


Samsung Flexs Its Big 85-inch TV Muscles

It's big. 85-inches of HDTV is about to come your way and knock you down. This Ultra High Definition TV is what Samsung is showing the world today at CES. With an unique industrial design that reminds one of a drawing board, it is suspended off the ground and can tilt up and down, is the UN85S9. While it may have an ugly name, let me reassure you that the ugly stops there. 

As if it is floating in the midair, Samsung's behemoth will be one heck of a display to have in your living room, granted your living room is even big enough to house this beast. Along with the TV comes a 2.2 speaker system that borders the display itself. Unfortunately, 4K resolution will not be coming with Samsung. Instead, they will be focusing on upscaling 1080p content to fit the Ultra HD standards. For the UN85S9, this is done through a 1.35 GHz quad-core A15 processor. There is yet to be any information on pricing but Samsung plans to release the UN85S9 sometime in March. 


Apple Branded HDTV May Get Released Later This Year

Apple is expected to "reinvent" the modern day TV with its own HDTV rumored to be released by the end of 2011. A new claim by Brian White, an analyst at Ticonderoga Securities points out that their research suggests Apple will release a smart HDTV that will incorporate Apple's current $99 priced Apple TV streaming device. A while back, Apple has posted a job opening hinting of a possible upcoming Apple branded HDTV.


Real Racing 2 HD Goes Full 1080p On Us

Here is a good example of what you could really do with your iPad 2 and Apple's Digital AV Adapter. Firemint's Real Racing 2 HD for the iPad 2 is the first iOS app to take full advantage of the ability to mirror the iPad 2's screen on a larger external display or HD TV using the Digital AV Adapter and an HDMI cable to output native full 1080p resolution without any black bars. Real Racing 2 HD retains its crisp and gorgeous graphics at full screen 1080p and it will compare with gaming consoles. Your iPad 2 is your controller as well as a full track map and statistic display. The update to enable all of this will be available soon. In the meantime, check out the video below.

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Time Warner Cable's New iPad App Lets You Watch Live TV

Time Warner Cable subscribers can now watch live TV on their iPad from anywhere in their home using their WiFi network for free using the new TWCable TV app. No need for extra hookups, you can instantly start streaming channels on your iPad including Time Warner Cable's HD lineup. More features will be added soon like a Remote DVR Manager and a Remote Tuner which lets you use your iPad as a remote to control live programming, Video On Demand and set your DVR when you're on the go. You also need to have Time Warner's internet services in addition to having their cable services. My hopes were high until I remembered I use AT&T as my ISP. 


Official Apple iPad 2 Accessories

Besides the new iPad 2, Apple released a few new accessories for the iPad 2. The three most notable accessories include the Smart Covers which double as a stand, a new iPad 2 Dock made specifically for the iPad 2 and a new Digital AV Adapter with a full HDMI output that supports full 1080p HD playback. Although the new Digital AV Adapter came out for the iPad 2, it will also be compatible with the current iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad. The iPad 2 will be the only one capable of outputting full 1080p while the rest will have to put with just 720p playback. In addition to HDMI out, you will also be able to charge your iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G using the Digital AV Adapter while outputting content. 

You will have to wait until March 11 to get your hands on these new iPad 2 accessories though. The Smart Covers run for $39-69, the iPad 2 Dock $29 and the Digital AV Adapter will set you back $39 not including an HDMI cable. Now it's your turn 3rd parties!


Corning's New Gorilla Glass Ads

Corning's tough Gorilla Glass is found in many portable devices like the Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, and other various portable devices. Corning's new ads display the toughness of the Gorilla Glass which is now being used in kitchen appliances and LCD televisions like the Sony Bravia. The Gorilla Glass really is as tough as Corning claims with many tests users have done like stabbing devices using Gorilla Glass as screens with sharp objects. Unlike Apple's tough yet fragile glass screen found on the iPhone which can crack and break from a simple drop, Corning claims their Gorilla Glass is tough, damage-resistant, scratch-resistant and helps protect the coolest smartphones from everyday drops and bumps. If Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 will still be made from glass on both sides, I want some Gorilla Glass. Check out the new videos below.

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