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RhinoHyde iPhone 4 Skins

One of the affordable and easy ways of quickly customizing your iPhone 4 is by using skins, not only do these skins change the looks of your iPhone 4 and make it your own, they also provide a good amount of scratch protection. RhinoHyde are a new company that have started making these skins for the back and bezel of the iPhone 4. There are two versions from RhinoHyde, the original RhinoHyde back skins as well as RhinoKolor which are skins made for the iPhone 4's metal bezel. 

The RhinoHyde skins are made from high quality 3M vinyl that is easy to apply and remove without residue. It took me a while to install and align the back RhinoHyde skin on my iPhone 4 but I could easily fix my mistakes and re-apply the skin as may times as I needed without any issues. You can see that the RhinoKolor bezel skins come with an Apple logo while the RhinoHyde back skins do not. You can customize the RhinoHyde back skins even more if you also have the RhinoKolor skins like I did, this of course will end up costing more though. We reviewed similar bezel skins in the past from The Lucky Labs and found that the RhinoKolor skins feels a bit better in terms of quality and have more grip. 

The camera cutout isn't perfectly cut however it does not interfere with the image quality nor does it affect the LED flash. Other than that, both the RhinoHyde and RhinoKolor skins fit very nicely on the iPhone 4 and depending on the look you're trying to get, RhinoHyde has you covered with a big color selection. 

Got an Apple Bumper case? Fear not, the RhinoHyde skins are fully compatible. If you don't already have some back protection on your iPhone 4 when you're using the Apple Bumper or a similar type case, you should definitely take a look at these skin options for protection and looks. RhinoHyde back skins come individually for $9.95 and $9.99 for two RhinoKolor bezel skins respectively. 

Update: RhinoHyde will be re-designing the camera cutout in their skins.  


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