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Incase Snap Case for iPhone 5 Review

Incase is one of the few most known case brands... In the world. Not sure which well-rounded, slim and protective case to pick for your iPhone 5? You can never go wrong with a case made by Incase. The company that fathered the Slider case we all take for granted these days is also widely known for its tried and true Snap Case, a minimalist polycarbonate snap-on case for the iPhone 5 that has a tight slim body anyone would be grateful to grab onto. Knowing Incase tends to make some of the highest quality iPhone cases replicated by just about everyone, we have high hopes for the Snap Case. Believe it or not, but we actually have some bits of info to tell you about this seemingly evident case in the full review down south.

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Incase Pivot Lightweight On-Ear Headphones Review

Incase has long been known for producing classic, clean and high quality accessories for Apple products from iPhones to Macbooks. Since introducing their headphone line, Incase has shown that they have the same mantra, producing products that have thoughtful design and are a pleasure to use. Expanding their line, Incase introduced the Pivot Headphones which are touted to be ultra lightweight and portable. Are these as good as their bigger siblings, the Sonic and the Reflex? Check it out after the break.

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Incase Box Case for iPhone 4S Review

Following up on our recent review on a few unique cases, we're going to be taking a look at yet another bizarre protective case, this time it comes to us from Incase. Incase has broken the traditional case design we've come to expect with its latest case, the Box Case. If you take a look at each and every one of Incase's iPhone cases you'll notice a trend of very refined, clean cut cases that virtually everyone wouldn't mind using on the daily. The Box Case takes on a different approach to today's well rounded iPhone cases with a block design. So, how great is it holding a brickphone? We tell you after the cut!

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Incase Reflex On-Ear Headphones Review

Incase recently released a full line of audio gear to go along with its ever growing collection of protective cases and bags. Not having any audio background, we didn't think much of the new headphone offerings until we got to try out Incase's flagship headphones, the Sonic. It was love at first listen with great sound quality and possibly the most comfortable over-ear headphones we've ever reviewed. It only seems fitting that we should reviewed Incase's Reflex on-ear headphones, the next in line to the much more expensive Sonic headphones. The Reflex promise custom tuned drivers that deliver clear, natural sound across the audio spectrum and surprisingly enough, they've got the same 40mm diaphram drivers as the ones found inside the Sonic headphones.

Incase isn't the first brand you would think about when wanting to get a new pair of headphones. That's about to change. More on the Reflex headphones right after the break!

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Incase Sonic Headphones Review

In case you were in the dark, Incase has its very own line of headphones and they are very promising. You might know Incase as one of the biggest names in the case, sleeve and bag business and rightfully so. My very first protective case years ago was an Incase Slider for the first ever iPhone, I fell in love right there and then. Incase might be new to audio, but it has incorporated everything it knows about good design into its new headphones. And let me tell you that it shows through and through with the Sonic headphones. These are Incase's flagship over-ear headphones clocking in at $199, and they've got a lot to give.

We've reviewed many headphones before, nothing quite as elaborate as the Sonics though. But are these worthy of a place on your head? Find out after the jump!

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Best Ways Of Protecting Your MacBook Without Bulk Guide

Many of us are Mac users in the tech community often travel with Apple's aluminum MacBooks, primarily straight into a coffee shop like Starbucks or around our cozy home. There are so many options out there for carrying and protecting your investment using bulky bags and sleeves. MacBooks are already thin and very portable machines so why not stay true to the portability and use non-bulky means of protection? We are here to give you a few good examples on how you can stay protected without the bulky cost. Just got a new MacBook Air that's so thin and portable, it's the main reason why you got it in the first place? You can protect it with some great options including the MacBook Pro in any screen size. Jump past the break for some cool ways of staying protected without the unnecessary bulk at all time.

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Incase Ping Pong Case for iPhone 4 Review

Incase is a Well Known Brand in the world of cases and covers for Apple products. Recently They released the new Ping Pong Case, a TPU case that has the design of a ping pong paddle. It comes in 4 different colors and retails for $29.99, putting it in the sweet spot as far as price. Its closest rivals are the PixelSkin HD by Speck Products and the NGP by Incipio. Lets see how Incase's new product stacks up. 

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