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Logitech G502 Proteus Core vs. G402 Hyperion Fury Review

Logitech has recently come out with two new hyperbolical wired gaming mice promising speed, accuracy, agility and potentially unimaginable gaming performance prowess. The astonishingly futurist looking G502 Proteus Core (left) is Logitech's first weight-adjustable performance mouse featuring the company's advanced Delta Zero gaming-grade optical sensor capable of reaching super-human DPI levels of up to 12,000 without dreadful cursor acceleration, as well as an improved hyper-fast scroll wheel. And for those on a stricter budget, there's the new G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse. And although it does come with less premium features and a cheaper price tag compared to the G502, as its name suggest, the G402 is supposedly the world's fastest lab-developed mouse geared towards professional FPS gaming thanks to its gyro and accelerometer-enhanced Fusion Engine hybrid Delta Zero sensor technology, which is capable of tracking insanely fast hand movements of up to 500 ips without skipping a single beat. So which one should you pick? Stay tuned to our comprehensive comparison review after the break!

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Logitech K830 Illuminated Wireless Living-Room Keyboard Review

You can now take control of your living room smart TV, HTPC, gaming console and your desktop machine using a single device - Logitech's new K830 wireless living-room keyboard. Created out of necessity, the K830 keyboard is here to help users comfortably navigate their living room entertainment making it easier to quickly and effortlessly input text and passwords, while offering a smooth transition from couch to desk chair using what seems like the optimal form and function. Logitech's new K830 is a wireless, all-in-one backlight illuminated keyboard featuring an integrated multi-touch touchpad with a compact handheld-friendly design. Yet it's also large enough to get serious work done when sitting in front of a computer, and in any lighting situation. Or so it may seem. Looking for the definitive all-in-one PC to TV peripheral solution? This is where you need to start. Our full review awaits! 

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Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Speaker Review

After quietly separating itself from Ultimate Ears, Logitech is finally and once again making portable Bluetooth speakers under its own name. Logitech recently introduced the X300 Mobile Wireless Speaker, the exuberant stereo variant of the company's ultra-small and pocket-friendly X100 offering. Though unlike the X100, the larger X300 is not only a stereo wireless Bluetooth speaker, but has four times as many drivers to help produce richer and more powerful immersive sounding audio whilst still maintaining that highly portable form factor we so very much like. Last week we tested and put JBL's small, albeit very capable $50 pocketable Clip speaker up against Logitech's comparable X100. Although the Clip has narrowly won that battle, we are even more interested to find out if paying an extra $20 is worth overlooking both of these very small speakers in favor of a superior music experience. Better yet, can Logitech's performance-driven X300 Mobile Wireless Speaker beat its Ultimate Ears cousin? Let's find out!

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Logitech Ultrathin (2014) Keyboard Cover for iPad Air & iPad mini Review

Putting your tablet to good use now are you? Typing away on that virtual on-screen keyboard, no tactile feedback to greet your every tap. It must be awful. Not to mention the amount of space on-screen keyboards occupy, robbing you from a true desktop typing experience. But what if we were to tell you that writing out a full essay using a tablet such as the iPad Air or even the iPad mini at a near-desktop level with nothing but an ultra-thin cover to take along with you...is actually possible.

All you need is Logitech's new and updated Ultrathin (also unofficially referred to as the Ultrathin 2), the company's best magnetic keyboard cover for the iPad Air and iPad mini to date that features a built-it physical Bluetooth keyboard you only need to recharge once every three months. It's a much improved version of its predecessor the original Ultrathin – a finer tuned magnetic clip-on cover with improved viewing angle flexibility compared to its predecessor. The updated model is also thinner than its predecessor at 6.4mm (0.25-inches), which is also thinner than the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. And thanks to its rigid aluminum construction, the Ultrathin 2 is also 2/3 of the weight of iPad. Sounds promising to say the least. As always, you can find our full and in-depth review after the jump! 

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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Meet the G602, Logitech's latest wireless gaming mouse for 2013 that isn't afraid to tell you all about its battery life specifications. That's because the G602 boasts an awe-inspiring battery life of up to 250 hours, or up to a staggering 1,440 hours when using the G602's Endurance mode, for straight up relentless and uninterrupted hardcore gaming. Admittedly Logitech does make other wireless mice that can put the G602's battery life to shame, but it is currently Logitech's longest lasting wireless gaming-grade mouse and we quite like the sound of that. Like Logitech's flagship G700s wireless gaming mouse we reviewed earlier, the G602 is fixed on mechanical and material durability, and is also billed as a gaming mouse for both PC and Mac users.

With a cool-sounding Delta Zero sensor that's designed to be power efficient without sacrificing tracking accuracy, the G602 may not be as fully-featured as the G700s, but it sure does give a lot in return for its relatively affordable price point. So before ado is in anyway furthered, let's find out wow the G602 stack up against Logitech's G700s, and more after the jump!

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Logitech TK820 Wireless Keyboard Review

The TK820 wireless keyboard is Logitech's latest all-in-one solution for Windows 8 users looking to take full control of the multi-touch gestures and capabilities that Windows 8 has to offer at a desktop, and even at a living room environment. The TK820 tout 6 months of battery life, and features a full sized keyboard layout flanked by a generously large built-in trackpad that although has been designed to work with Windows 8 and all of its 13 multi-touch gesture controls, will also play nicely with Windows 7. We've got a full review on this sleek new all-in-one device down below!

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Logitech Z600 Speakers Review

Just as we've got done drooling over the phenomenally outstanding UE Boom wireless portable speaker, Logitech has introduced another wirelessly detached apparatus designed this time for indoor use, preferably placed within a stationary computer setup. Logitech's new Z600 are a pair of stereo wireless Bluetooth speakers that although aren't designed for portable use, can be wirelessly paired with up to three devices simultaneously like a tablet, laptop, Desktop PC or smartphone no matter what brand they originate from. With an unconventional stylish pillar design and a silvery fabric finish that'll compliment any Mac, the Z600 speakers each feature three drivers arranged to throw immersive 360-degree sound inspired by the UE Boom. Will these twin towers of wireless audio freedom have what it takes to embellish your desk with their powerful, albeit minimalist presence? We've got your answer plus more in our comprehensive review down below!

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Logitech G700s Review

One of the names we never get tired of hearing about is Logitech. They company recently rebranded its hardcore gamer-pleasing G Series of gaming peripherals, and with that also its entire fleet of speciality gaming mice, headsets and keyboards. But today we're specifically going to be talking about the G700s, Logitech's new flagship wireless gaming mouse which has replaced the plain-looking G700 with a fresh coat of skin along with a few other enhancements, albeit minor. As a successor to one of the most sought-after wireless gaming mice, the G700s has got quite the reputation it needs to one-up. Has Logitech improved an already great gaming mouse with the introduction of the G700s? Let's go find out!

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