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Lunatik Flak Jacket Sleeve for iPad mini Review

Lunatik is a brand name that has got one of the most uniquely designed accessories out there for Apple's portable devices. The company recently introduced its first ever accessory for the iPad that isn't a stylus but rather a protective sleeve. The Flak Jacket, an impossibly slim sleeve, is currently only made to fit the Retina iPad mini 2 as well as the original iPad mini with or without a Smart Cover attached to it. The concept couldn't be any more simple than that. However, Lunatik has managed to put its own creative take on the traditional sleeve concept along with a rather interesting mesh of materials. Hop past the break for a more detailed review on Lunatik's new iPad mini sleeve.

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Lunatik Seismik iPhone 5 Case Review

While it pains me when I've got to give up using a case like the one I've been recently using and have reviewed, the Ronin Titanium G10 by Element Case, to continue on with having to spend time testing out the next case which happens to be the Seismik case for the iPhone 5, surprisingly the transition from an ultra-premium $350 case to a regular one that costs $35 isn't as bad as you would think.

Leaving behind such a special case is something you wouldn't want to be doing willingly. Fortunately, I do enjoy a superb non-premium case with cool features once in a while and that case just so happens to be the Seismik. A case made by Lunatik, designed by the renowned design firm MNML and made available for the iPhone 5 and now also the Seismik Touch for the iPod touch 5, the Seismik is a special kind of case in its own right. Let's go have a closer look at what the Seismik has got to offer in exchange for $35 down below.

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LunaTik AnTik & Chicago Collection Leather Watch Band Review

Remember back when wearing the iPod Nano as a Multi-Touch wrist watch was cool? That fad has since dwindled down, and shadowed by more impressive wrist gadgets. Nano users were facing some serious drawbacks wearing a non-waterproof $130 iPod that required charging every few days and button pressing to reveal the digital screen. Minimal, the design studio behind the LunaTik brand responsible for making amazing quality watchbands for Apple's tiny Multi-Touch music player turned digital watch, has sought out to make its own little iPod Nano replacement called the AnTik. It's LunaTik's iPod Nano clone, albeit a mechanical one at that. The Antik is an analog watch module that can be fitted into any of LunaTik's iPod Nano wrist accessories.

It just so happens that we've also got our hands on LunaTik's new Chicago Collection leather watchband to test the AnTik watch module out with. So be sure to catch the full review at six o'clock sharp!

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CMYK TikTok Watch Band for iPod Nano Review

Ever since this tiny Multi-Touch iPod Nano was announced, companies have released a slew of accessories that take advantage of the digital watch interface using nothing but watch bands. Minimal quickly stepped up the game of the watch band accessory world with its LunaTik watch band kit, made from premium materials never thought of in iPod Nano watch band accessories. Sure others have reached Minimal's design and quality, but both the LunaTik and TikTok have already become staple accessories. We've looked at the LunaTik, and now we're going to go deep with the new eye catching, CMYK flavored TikTok watch bands for the iPod Nano 6G and 7G. Don't have a cute little Nano yet? Jump past the break and you'll be sure to get one later!

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Minimal LunaTik Aluminum Watch Kit for iPod Nano 6G Review

There are many watch bands available for Apple's iPod nano 6G with more and more coming out each day. The minute Steve Jobs announced the iPod nano 6G and showed off its clock feature, companies took advantage to transform the iPod nano 6G into a Multi-Touch wrist watch. A design company called Minimal set out to do what no other company thought about and created a one-of-a-kind watch conversion kit for the iPod nano 6G crafted from the best materials. We've got the full review of Minimal's LunaTik right after the break.

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