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Harman Kardon NC Headphones Review

When Harman Kardon introduced its first line of consumer headphones last year we marveled their high-end, unparalleled aesthetics and appreciated the fine audio quality that came with it all. In many ways Harman Kardon's CL Classic headphones were and still are a trowback of modern sophistication. They've done their job at pleasing our ears, our tasteful appetite for good design and even our wallet. So how does it get any better than this? I'll tell you how, Harman Kardon's $300 flagship NC headphones might possibly one up their smaller counterpart with premium features like active noise-canceling and gargantuan cups that envelop your ears like some hungry hippo. But how well do they fare when put up against a $200 pair of active noise-canceling headphones? Let's find out!

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Logitech UE 9000 Headphones Review

Here to finally complete our review coverage of Logitech's incredibly solid headphone lineup are the UE 9000 headphones. Saying that we were impressed by Logitech's reasonably priced UE 4000 and UE 6000, the result of two experienced brands that have merged into one well oiled audio machine, is an understatement. The UE 9000 are Logitech's top of the range over-ear headphones loaded to the brim with all kinds of tech like active noise-cancellation, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, headset features and plenty of phat sound to bring them wubs to life. Should you be rocking a pair of UE 9000 in the name of wireless audio? Find out in our comprehensive review down below!

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