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Aiaiai Capital Headphones Review

Aiaiai's highly anticipated Capital headphones are finally out, and what a gratifying end product it is. When we last reviewed the cultured Danish company's TMA-1 Studio headphones we liked them so much that we went ahead and bestowed them our coveted Editors' Choice award. The Capital are Aiaiai's first attempt at creating a pair of foldable on-ear headphones for the on-the-go urban scene. But will they pass our ultimate test of sound quality and all that follows? Find out and much more in the full review down under!

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Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio Headphones Review

What do the Danish and Swedish have in common? Great sensible design and an acute ability to make things sound awesome. Just when we thought Jays had us by our ears with with their great sounding and well designed in-ear headphones, Aiaiai's latest and greatest grabs us hard by the balls with some amazingly well designed cans. Aiaiai's TMA-1 Studio headphones are the bigger brother of Aiaiai's illustrious TMA-1 on-ear headphones. The TMA-1 Studio are a pair of over the ear headphones that are geared towards professional studio mixing, DJs, and well just about anyone that enjoys ridiculously good sound. We go ears on right after the jump!

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Aiaiai Swirl Earphones w/Mic Review

Aiaiai is a Danish headphones and earphones brand that creates creative and minimalistic products not only hipsters, but everyone can enjoy. The Aiaiai Swirl are in-ear earphones with the most simplistic design I have ever encountered when it comes to earphones. The Urbanears Plattan headphones come to mind when I think about minimalistic design. Besides the clean looks, the Swirl was built to last with the most durable materials made to withstand your heavy everyday music routine. I always appreciate it when portable accessories are developed with thought and a lot of attention to detail. The big questions is though, can the Swirl deliver a solid package? This and much more in the full review right after the cut!

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