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Logitech K830 Illuminated Wireless Living-Room Keyboard Review

You can now take control of your living room smart TV, HTPC, gaming console and your desktop machine using a single device - Logitech's new K830 wireless living-room keyboard. Created out of necessity, the K830 keyboard is here to help users comfortably navigate their living room entertainment making it easier to quickly and effortlessly input text and passwords, while offering a smooth transition from couch to desk chair using what seems like the optimal form and function. Logitech's new K830 is a wireless, all-in-one backlight illuminated keyboard featuring an integrated multi-touch touchpad with a compact handheld-friendly design. Yet it's also large enough to get serious work done when sitting in front of a computer, and in any lighting situation. Or so it may seem. Looking for the definitive all-in-one PC to TV peripheral solution? This is where you need to start. Our full review awaits! 

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Logitech TK820 Wireless Keyboard Review

The TK820 wireless keyboard is Logitech's latest all-in-one solution for Windows 8 users looking to take full control of the multi-touch gestures and capabilities that Windows 8 has to offer at a desktop, and even at a living room environment. The TK820 tout 6 months of battery life, and features a full sized keyboard layout flanked by a generously large built-in trackpad that although has been designed to work with Windows 8 and all of its 13 multi-touch gesture controls, will also play nicely with Windows 7. We've got a full review on this sleek new all-in-one device down below!

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