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Designed By M AL13 Aluminum iPhone 5 Bumper Case Review

Over the years we have extensively reviewed bumper cases machined out of aluminum, more than most blogs could brag about. So we know a thing or two about what makes a winning iPhone bumper case that is made out of a premium metal. If there is one thing that matters when it comes to aluminum cases it's design. Looks are the most important features when protection is thought of as a side dish. This isn't your $20 -$30 plastic case you'd purchase depending on the level of protection you're looking for.

Designed By M recently went up on Kickstarter with its version of what a minimalist aluminum bumper should be like, and as a result the AL13 aluminum iPhone 5 bumper case was a proven as a successful proof of concept people were willing to spend $80 on. We've been putting the AL13 thru our usual thorough testing just for you. So be sure to read our full review after the jump!

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E13ctron S5 iPhone 5 Aluminum Bumper Case Review

We have very fond memories of E13ctron's S4 bumper case. The S4 was the first two-tone color customizable aluminum bumper that was unique and visually quenching. It was exactly two years ago when we gave E13ctron's first ever iPhone case a review, and it was one of the few unique aluminum machined bumpers to received our Editors' Choice award. But since then, things have changed. The bar is much higher than it ever was. The S5 is E13ctron's latest iPhone 5 aluminum Bumper-style case to feature a new snap-in design. Can E13ctron's new S5 throw some punches at its fearsome competition? Catch the full review to find out!

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Draco Design Draco Evo Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 4/S Review

The very first bumper case accompanied the release of the iPhone 4. Adored for its simple and minimal style, iPhone users stormed Apple Stores to get their hands on one. Alright, maybe it was also because Apple offered them for free after the whole "Antennagate" fiasco. Nonetheless, we have to admit that a bumper does the job,and does it well. Look at Draco Design, a company proudly known for their phenomenal iPhone bumpers that are high quality as well as stylish. Check out the Draco Evo, a bumper that combines both aluminum and polycarbonate to deliver a strong and functional bumper that not only protects your device, but gets rid of the notorious signal  loss commonly found in metal material cases. Skip on down to see if the latest Draco creation fits in with its Draco IV predecessors.

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Rusi Concepts The Handle Aluminum Bumper for iPad 2 & iPad 3rd Gen Review

Aluminum bumper style cases are one of the most popular categories of cases for the iPhone 4/S currently. It seems like every time you turn around, another company is releasing their take on this concept. Hoping to push Apple aficionados’ love for aluminum bumper cases in a new direction, Rusi Concepts has taken this concept, with an interesting twist, over to the iPad with the Rusi Concepts Handle for the iPad 2 and the new iPad 3rd gen. Should this be an iPad case that is worthy of your consideration? Head past the jump to find out.

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4th Design T-type 1 Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 4/S Review

I love the feel of a metal case on my iPhone. So much so, that I’ve really focused in on that area (metal/metal hybrid cases) for most of my reviews over the past year or so. One negative characteristic of metal iPhone cases up to this point however, has been that most all of them use multiple tiny screws to fasten the case around the phone. If you’ve ever dealt with any of these cases’ screws, you know how irritating it can be to get everything lined up, held in place, and start these ridiculously small screws (without dropping them!) just to attach the case. 4th Design's latest all aluminum case, the T-type 1 Metal Case, looks to solve this issue of dealing with tiny fasteners. 4th Design, also known as Tiger Design, are the makers of the Blade Aluminum iPhone 4 Bumper Case that we had the pleasure to review in the past. So, how does this new T-type 1 perform? Read on past the jump to find out!

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Xtrucase Duo Slider Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 4/S Review

It seems the high fashion trend these days is to create the latest and greatest of aluminum cases. Well it hasn’t stopped. Today we shall introduce to you another aluminum bumper case called the Duo Slider made by Xtrucase. Most of the cases that we've reviewed here were put together with tiny little screws. And in most cases, screwing together those aluminum parts is a tedious job. Be that as it may, the Duo Slider takes on a little different approach to make your life a bit easier. How does the Duo Slider bumper case hold up against the fierce competition, or better yet, will it cause the second antennagate? Hit the jump to find out!

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Patchworks Alloy X Wood Aluminum iPhone 4/S Bumper Case Review

We all knew metal iPhone cases were a growing premium luxury for those who weren't all that impressed with regular old plasticky protection. Aluminum bumper cases are quickly becoming a big part of the case industry and we're starting to feel that novelty wearing off. There's no stopping the aluminum bumper bullet train. It's gotten to the point where we want to see something really awesome and different. Patchworks certainly answers that exact demand with the Alloy X Wood. As the name implies, this bumper is in indeed part wood part metal and 100% full of awesomeness. Haven't heard of Patchworks before? We haven't either, so be sure to hop the break for the full review!

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ElementCase Vapor Pro Spectra Aluminum iPhone 4/S Bumper Case Review

Aluminum cases made for the iPhone are now ubiquitous. The novelty has long worn off, but there are still those who seek that perfect metallic case. When it comes to aluminum cases, the Vapor Pro by ElementCase is the most talked about, most wanted one of all. And like its brother to the esteemed Vapor name, the Vapor Pro is a hybrid. Reception issues are a thing of the past. Don't let the hybrid moniker fool you though, because the Vapor Pro has more aluminum to satisfy your desire of prestigious materials. It all sounds perfect, but is the Vapor Pro worth all the hype surrounding it? Follow the saga down below as we continue to bust myths, compare the two giants and let you in on the action!

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