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MicroStylus Jack Stylus Review

Before you get the wrong idea, no we didn't jack this stylus from a pixie. Meet the MicroStylus Jack. This is the world's smallest, tiny little, microscopic speck version of a stylus. And although we have seen and reviewed our fair share of capacitive touchscreen styluses, this one takes the cake in being highly portable. The questions is, can the MicroStylus Jack replace the need for much larger, traditional styluses? Find that and more in the full review after the jump!

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Just Mobile AluPen Pro Stylus Review

I'll be the first to admit it. I don't see the point of a stylus. Why use another extraneous accessory when you can just use one that you will always have with you - your finger. Since the launch of the iPad and other tablets and touch devices, the market for stylus accessories have exploded. A while back we took a look at Just Mobile's first generation AluPen... and we loved it. We return today with the AluPen Pro with some noticeable perks over its predecessor. What kind of upgrades did we find? Check out the review after the jump!

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