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Audyssey Desktop Wireless Speakers Review

Here they are, Audyssey's latest Bluetooth enabled desktop speakers. They're white, wireless and unmistakably called the Wireless Speakers. We can literally end the review right here. Other than that really, they're identical to the wired black models we've reviewed earlier, Audyssey's Media Speakers. Audyssey's Wireless Speakers are just as beautiful to place next to your desktop machine, and sound just as amazing as the wired and less costly Media Speakers, which I've got to say are one of my most favorite set of desktop speakers that we have reviewed. To back that claim up, I've actually been using these for a little over a year and I couldn't be more pleased with their performance and space saving convenience. For you wireless fanatics looking to cut the cord on everything with an electric pulse, the Wireless Speakers practically sell themselves. But do you really need wireless capabilities in a set of desktop speakers?

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Audyssey Audio Dock Air Speaker Review

Audyssey is a household name when it comes to professional audio. The Audio Dock Air, also known as the Lower East Side Audio Dock, is Audyssey's third brainchild amongst a breed of impressively good sounding speakers, and the first to feature AirPlay for ultimate wireless music streaming. Audyssey's South Of Market Audio Dock and Lower East Side Media Speakers left us highly impressed and overindulged with exceptionally good sounding music. Naturally we're expecting Audyssey's Audio Dock Air to be just as great. Catch the full review right down below!

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Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers Review

We get excited every time Audyssey outs a new audio product and that's because the last time we've reviewed Audyssey's first consumer product, the South of Market speaker dock, it blew our socks off with such epic sound found in very few speaker docks today. Audyssey is a well known name in the audio world, and we're about to take a look at the Lower East Side media speakers, Audyssey's first set of consumer computer desktop speakers inspired by New York's Lower East Side neighborhood. Will the Lower East Side speakers be the last set you'll ever have to buy? Find out as we go all ears after the jump!

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Audyssey Audio Dock Review

It's not everyday you come across an audio dock that completely changes your opinion on these small, not so good looking and sounding audio docks. Audyssey isn't new to audio, in fact they are the makers of sound systems for movie theaters, home theaters, recording studios, cars and more. The South Of Market audio dock is Audyssey's first standalone product for consumers, and their first audio dock is simply amazing.

If I could express how the South Of Market audio dock looks, let alone sounds, I would say it's stunningly beautiful in every way possible. Catch the full review after the break!

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