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Incipio offGRID Battery Case for iPhone 4 Review

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, backup battery cases for the iPhone are a much wanted accessory any power user appreciates and trusts with his or her life. We at Gadgetmac reviewed more than a handful already and we think it's Incipio's turn to hand over its iPhone 4 battery case for testing. The offGRID is not a bad name to start out, packing a 1450mAh battery pack under the bonnet, that's hood in case you aren't British. Find out exactly how well the offGRID handles the test of our vigorous reviewing and standards after the cut!

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Just Mobile Gum Plus Backup Battery Review

So far, every Just Mobile product we've reviewed has proven to be a great success. Just Mobile's love for aluminum surely shows a strong dedication towards creating perfectly matching accessories for Apple's most desired products. Today, we've got our hands on the Gum Plus. A battery backup pack that will not only charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod, but also any other gadget that can be chargers over USB. Hidden beneath that little aluminum enclosure is a huge, 4400mAh battery that promises to recharge your iPhone up to 3 times, and within just an hour, recharge your juiceless iPhone up to a 90% charged state. Oh boy, do we love these glorified product descriptions. We've put the Gum Plus thru its paces that's for sure. So get past that break for the full review!

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Padacs PowerCase Battery Case for iPhone 4 Review

Battery life in modern smart phones is lagging behind all the cool stuff it can do, and this has brought upon us the horrors of a dead phone at a time of great need. When such times come, some people choose to have a iPhone battery case on hand to give a power boost. Most of these cases have the battery built into the back of the case, and a good selection of these have already been reviewed. Aussie company Padacs has their own addition to the market, the PowerCase. Does this case stack up with the other choices in the category, or is it just one to blend into the pack? Find out after the jump!

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Mophie Juice Pack Plus iPhone 4 Battery Case Review

When it comes down to raw battery power, the iPhone 4 does a good job at keeping you in the zone but it really doesn't cut it when you constantly use your iPhone 4 all day and that's when you need to call in some reinforcements. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus battery case for the iPhone 4 packs a juicy 2000mAh battery inside that's bound to get you thru your long and exciting day. Read on for the full review and a comparison between the Juice Pack Plus and the Juice Pack Air after the break.

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