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Calibre Ultra'Go mini Power Station Review

Calibre is one of countless names producing external backup battery packs, a name you probably have never heard of either. So what Calibre has done to make itself shine like a diamond in a the rough is create one of the more influential backup batteries that we have seen. With a first-class, ultra-clean design we swear could be based off of a leaked schematic of a soon-to-be-released Apple product, the Ultra'Go mini has already done its part in grabbing our full attention before knowing what it does and how well it does what it should do. Calibre's Ultra'Go mini is not much different from other batteries of its kind in that it'll charge just about every one of your USB-powered gizmos except that the Ultra'Go mini sells itself as the world's first ultra-compact battery pack to feature vibration signalling. A vibrating external backup battery? That's certainly an intriguing first for us. What does it all mean though? Let's get straight into the thick of it then!

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Just Mobile Gum++ Backup Battery Review

For years Just Mobile has been making things out of aluminum, nice and helpful things too. Its aluminum-made rechargeable backup battery packs were and continue to be one of the nicest looking on the market. To grow and improve its line of electricity harnessing banks, Just Mobile's most recent release includes the Gum++ (or Gum Plus Plus), a 6000mAh external backup battery follow-up to the aluminum-made Gum Plus that boasts an ultra-portable form factor that features a high-powered USB output port capable of filling up smartphones, tablets and just about any inanimate object that's got a USB port on it with extended hours of usage.

Redesigned with a hard-wearing ABS plastic shell, the Gum++ is supposedly more durable than its aluminum predecessor and can charge your smartphone up to three times over. As always, we conducted our own testing using multiple devices to find out if any of these claims really stick. Our full review awaits!

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iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet Battery Pack Review

You can never get enough juice in your favorite devices that are on and ready to serve your needs 24/7. Keeping them happy with a full charge can be difficult, especially when you’re constantly on the go. iBattz has come up with one of the thinnest battery backup chargers we've seen yet. Packed in a sleek solution that will keep you at your job, traveling from place to place without having to worry about your battery life, the Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet looks to be the perfect travel companion for your iPhone or Android device. Check out the full review after the cut!

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Incipio offGRID Pro Battery Case for iPhone 4/S Review

Battery containing cases for the iPhone aren’t new. They’ve been around for several generations of Apple’s flagship device now, and arose out of these little iWonders’ ever increasing need for more power. Incipio’s latest entrant into the category of battery cases, the OffGrid Pro, does bring a relatively new concept with it…the idea of swappable batteries, giving you a theoretical limitless supply of juice for you iPhoning needs. Want to find out more about the OffGrid Pro? Catch the full review down below!

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Spigen SGP Kuel F60Q Backup Battery Pack Charger Review

Finding the right backup battery pack to keep your gadgets running can be a tiring search. With so many options to choose from, choosing the right pack all comes down to price and performance. It doesn't matter how good it looks because all you should care about is what's on the inside. Formally known as SGP, Spigen SGP's first battery pack offering is the Kuel F60Q, generously equipped with 6,000mAh of battery goodness. We love Spigen SGP's wide array of cases, but can the Kuel F60Q prove itself to be a valuable accessory you'll want to have in your gear bag?

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Just Mobile Gum Max Battery Pack for iPad 2 Review

We love Just Mobile as much as we fancy all-things aluminum, and both make a great team to bring us some of the most useful accessories iDevice users can ever wish for. Just Mobile's Gum Plus was a cute little battery pack with a decent amount of juice packed into it to triple the lifespan of your iPhone but not nearly enough to bring an iPad to its maximum self. At last, we've got something that promises to fully charge an iPad or iPad 2 and still have enough power to keep on charging. Just Mobile's answer is the Gum Max. A supercharged, hyped-up battery pack with - close your eyes for this, 10,400mAh of sheer power waiting to be let lose on your iPad.

As always we're going to be the judge of that, so jump past the break for the full review!

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PhoneSuit Primo Power Core Battery Pack Review

What do you do when you're out of power? Plug into the wall of course. But that isn't an option if you're out and about. Sure you can slip on a battery case like the PhoneSuit Elite or the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, but what if you carry other gadgets with you? That's where PhoneSuit's Primo Power Core comes into play. It's a portable power plant that can fit quite uncomfortably inside your pocket waiting to serve you with its massive 8200mAh of pure battery pack juice not from concentrate. We've never reviewed such mighty power before, so this is going to be interesting for all of us.

Phones, tablets, iPods, wireless headphones - you name it, this is a portable battery pack you're not going to want to miss. So check out the full review right after the jump! 

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Tekkeon TekCharge Dual Port Backup Battery Charger Review

For many of us who use gadgets on a daily basis, the internal battery of a certain device sometimes just doesn't cut it. Portable devices such as the iPhone and iPod often have poor battery life and power users will find that having extra battery power at a moment's notice is extremely essential. Why not use battery cases like the Tekkeon myPower for the iPhone 4? Well battery cases aren't always appealing and some users may even prefer their device naked of any case. This is where Tekkeon's TekCharge comes into play. The Tekkeon TekCharge MP1860A to be exact, is Tekkeon's latest dual port backup battery pack charger that can charge 2 devices simultaneously. Now that's something a battery case won't dream of doing. Will the TekCharge stand up to its dual charging capabilities and be worth your $69.95? Find out after the break!

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