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Logitech K810 Illuminated Bluetooth Keyboard Review

The K810 backlit wireless Bluetooth keyboard has finally arrived. Spoiler alert, it's very impressive. And Logitech is the company to thank for. The one and only company we stand up for when we hear it has released a new keyboard. The K810 is a Bluetooth illuminated keyboard that plays nice with nearly every OS platform with no rivals in sight. Logitech's K810 isn't the first illuminated wireless keyboard of its kind, it is however, Logitech's first multi-functional compact Bluetooth keyboard to feature backlit keys and a smart feature set. We've been patiantly waiting for such a smart keyboard to arrive, and now we've got our paws all over the K810 to put it thru its paces. Be sure to catch our extensive review down below!

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Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard Review

Oh no Logitech didn't just roll out a brand spanking new wireless Bluetooth keyboard for the Mac. We're just messing with you, because yes Logitech did. The K760 is the company's most anticipated keyboard to feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity that's designed to work with both Mac and iOS devices without much of a technical know-how sweat on your part. The K760 continues Logitech's solar powered keyboard lineup with its Apple-esque figure and giant solar panel strip so you could literally be free of wires and batteries. How well does it compare to the rest? We find out after this break!

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Adonit Writer 2 Plus Keyboard Folio Case for iPad 2 Review

Adonit successfully united a Bluetooth keyboard with a folio case and called it the Writer 2. Our review of the Writer 2 was full of positives and negatives, and at the end we ultimately wished for a better keyboard. Since then, Adonit has gone back to the drawing board and came up with the Writer Plus. Its got the same great concept with a whole lot of pluses. Forget about the Writer 2, this is the keyboard folio we've asked for. Catch the full review after the jump!

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Acase Ultra Slim Tablet Keyboard Review

Tablets seem to be all the rage these days with products from various companies hitting store shelves these days, everything from the established iPad to the less loved Blackberry Playbook. However, one complaint a lot of users have had is that they like the functionality of the tablets but they also want a physical keyboard to type on. This is where Bluetooth keyboards come into the picture. These days you can get a case that's custom fit to your device that includes a keyboard or just use any other Bluetooth based keyboard you have. The problem for some is that, both those solutions will add some bulk to your bag or device itself, so what if you want a keyboard without the bulk? That's where the Acase Ultra Slim Tablet Keyboard comes into play. So is it worth checking out?

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Adonit Writer 2 Keyboard Folio Case for iPad 2 Review

Many of us use the iPad 2 as our main form of taking notes, writing emails and even writing up long articles. Some of us have difficulty using the on-screen virtual keyboard, and lugging around the Apple Wireless Keyboard with a stand just isn't very practical. Adonit's latest Writer 2 is an all-in-one solution for all your typing needs. The Writer 2 is a keyboard folio case, the perfect option for those who love using the iPad 2, but hate having to carry around a separate keyboard, or have to use the on-screen virtual keyboard. If you're someone who uses the iPad 2 for a whole lot of writing, you may want to look at what Adonit's Writer 2 has to offer. So check out the full review right after the jump!

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