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JBL Spark Wireless Speaker Review

JBL's most recent speaker offerings can only be described as creatively ambitious. From the Pulse to the Voyager, and now the Spark, JBL is pushing ahead with some of the most uniquely designed and innovative speakers we've seen yet. But we're here to talk you about the Spark, not the AllSpark, but JBL's new and trendy Spark speaker. With a unique funky translucent design which just so happens to be Harman Kardon's signature weapon of design language choice, the Spark brings a visually fun play on wireless speaker styling. Jump into our full review to find out what we think about JBL's Spark, and how it compares to other wireless speakers!

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Logitech Z600 Speakers Review

Just as we've got done drooling over the phenomenally outstanding UE Boom wireless portable speaker, Logitech has introduced another wirelessly detached apparatus designed this time for indoor use, preferably placed within a stationary computer setup. Logitech's new Z600 are a pair of stereo wireless Bluetooth speakers that although aren't designed for portable use, can be wirelessly paired with up to three devices simultaneously like a tablet, laptop, Desktop PC or smartphone no matter what brand they originate from. With an unconventional stylish pillar design and a silvery fabric finish that'll compliment any Mac, the Z600 speakers each feature three drivers arranged to throw immersive 360-degree sound inspired by the UE Boom. Will these twin towers of wireless audio freedom have what it takes to embellish your desk with their powerful, albeit minimalist presence? We've got your answer plus more in our comprehensive review down below!

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The Best Wireless Portable Speakers: The Definitive Guide

How on earth are you supposed to find a good quality wireless speaker when there's so many choices available? Luckily, you're not all alone because we're here to help you out. Convenience is key when considering a wireless Bluetooth portable speaker, but not every one of these well known brands actually puts out a solid package. Every speaker under the sun boasts how well it sounds when in reality you could end up using a speaker that really isn't as good as the next one over.

That's why we've created this special Gadgetmac Guide edition to help you with purchasing the best wireless portable speaker your money can buy. With a bit of audiophile juice running in our veins, we have managed to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary using our extensive experience handling these small noise making devices all whilst taking sound quality, design and user-friendly features into consideration. Split into two price categories, this guide lists the top best speakers you can take with you wherever you go, but not without having the intense power-to-size ratio needed to blast your tunes as well as the right performance that'll make your ears beg for more of that wireless audio goodness. Jump past the break for the full rundown!

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Audyssey Desktop Wireless Speakers Review

Here they are, Audyssey's latest Bluetooth enabled desktop speakers. They're white, wireless and unmistakably called the Wireless Speakers. We can literally end the review right here. Other than that really, they're identical to the wired black models we've reviewed earlier, Audyssey's Media Speakers. Audyssey's Wireless Speakers are just as beautiful to place next to your desktop machine, and sound just as amazing as the wired and less costly Media Speakers, which I've got to say are one of my most favorite set of desktop speakers that we have reviewed. To back that claim up, I've actually been using these for a little over a year and I couldn't be more pleased with their performance and space saving convenience. For you wireless fanatics looking to cut the cord on everything with an electric pulse, the Wireless Speakers practically sell themselves. But do you really need wireless capabilities in a set of desktop speakers?

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JBL Jembe Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

It's not everyday that you come across suitable desktop speakers that pump out beautiful audio but won't burn a deep hole in your wallet. I mean sure, you could shell out for a studio monitor setup, but not many of us have the desk space or the need for such professional equipment. Besides, we shouldn't have to go through so much trouble for some quality music anyways. Good thing JBL has got our backs this time. The JBL Jembe are a pair of wireless desktop speakers that will produce excellent sound at a fraction of the cost. And to sweeten the deal, it's also Bluetooth compatible. The features and awesomeness doesn't stop there. Skip on past the cut for the full breakdown.

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JBL Micro II Wireless Portable Speakers Review

Compact speakers are a great way to enjoy some tunes with your friends when you're outside. Take it out to the park while you're playing basketball or just having a picnic. JBL has taken that idea and created the Micro II and Micro Wireless pocket-sized portable speakers that offers a lot more than you'd expect from something so small. Check out what JBL has in store in our full review past the cut!

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Dbest London Sound Wave Duo Bluetooth Speakers Review

Miniature speakers are beloved for one thing and one thing only, ultra-portability. After that comes the price of course and with that you probably expect them to also sound good too. Let us break it to you, that's winning combination is pretty hard to come by. Dbest London's latest set of mini-speakers called the Sound Wave, naturally considered to be "the best-in-class", offer up room-filling stereo sound with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a long lasting rechargeable battery jammed into a tiny, palm-sized package.

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