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Bose SoundLink Color Review

Bose is back with its second highly portable wireless Bluetooth speaker called the SoundLink Color. Not to be confused with the more premium aluminum-made SoundLink Mini, this isn't quite yet the successor to one of the greatest portable speakers ever made, but instead a more affordably priced and colorful addition to Bose's growing lineup of wireless speakers. Offered in white, black and three other vibrant colors to match your style, the SoundLink Color has a compact form factor and boasts a quirky new original design we haven't yet seen before, and up to 8 hours of battery life. Like the SoundLink Mini, the new SoundLink Color features dual passive bass radiators and dual dynamic drivers that Bose claims produce clear, full-range balanced audio. As always, we're going to put it to the test to see how the SoundLink Color compares to its more expensive metallic brother as well as a few other noteworthy portable Bluetooth speakers. Our full and in-depth review can be found waiting for you just below this bit of text.

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Bose FreeStyle In-Ear Headphones Review

Although it never really disappeared, Bose is back with a new and refreshing line of audio gear designed to be more stylish compared to the company's previous mundane yet iconic products. The newly redesigned SoundTrue series of on-ear and over-ear headphones, which replace Bose's tried and true AE2i model, are being offered in a wide range of color styles and two-tone designs. And then there are the FreeStyle in-ear headphones, Bose's most pretentiously designed headset yet. But don't worry, unlike the SoundTrue they aren't going to be replacing the MIE2i or the SIE2i models anytime soon. Instead, the FreeStyle are an amalgamation of the two. They are Bose's most stylish, sweat-resistant earbuds the company has ever put into mass production. Offered in two acceptably garish yet excitingly different paint jobs, you'll either really like them or won't be able to stand the sight of them. Either way, we have got an in-depth freestyle review for you just a scroll away.

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Bose SoundLink Mini Review

High-end speaker harbinger Bose, has recently released a much more compact and portable version of its successful $300 SoundLink wireless speaker appropriately named the SoundLink Mini. It's Bose's smallest wireless Bluetooth speaker that competes against offerings from some of the most notable brands in the ferociously competitive portable speaker category. The SoundLink Mini packs innovation, proprietary audio drivers and dual-opposing passive radiators that recreate Bose's signature deep sound beloved by most if not all humans. And if you've already seen our guide for the best wireless portable speakers, well then we've spoiled it for you. But if you haven't cheated already, then we've got a great comparison and review lined up just around the break. How does the SoundLink Mini compare to our top rated portable wireless speaker, and more in the full review down below!

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