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Power Support Flat Bumper for iPhone 5 Review

We've always taken Power Support to be the premier maker of screen protectors for all types of Apple devices. It's no doubt they were the best at what they did up until glass screen protectors caught on. Not leaving behind its legacy of screen protection films, the Japanese accessory maker branched out to create some really thin cases for the iPhone, namely the Air Jacket case. But. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, on a big island lies Power Support's elusive Flat Bumper for the iPhone 5. Like a rare Pokemon, it can only be found in Japan. And just when we thought that we had found the ultimate iPhone 5 bumper, an even better (arguably) substitute comes along. Power Support's Flat Bumper is a minimalist, ultra-thin bumper case that literally redefines how the bumper cases we've all come to know, are designed. Be sure to follow our review after the break!

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Spigen Neo Hybrid EX iPhone 5 Bumper Review

No wonder they call it the Neo Hybrid EX. It is The One of bumper cases. We have yet to come across a case made by Spigen SGP that did not meet our expectations. The Korean case manufacturer needs no introduction, and it has nothing to do with Psy. The Neo Hybrid EX for the iPhone 5 is one of Spigen's elite bumper cases designed with protection and lots of svelte style in mind. Clearly by people who love using their iPhones on a day to day basis. And it just so happens that we too, indulge in the art of iPhone using at Gadgetmac. SO what have we got to say about Spigen's new Neo Hybrid EX bumper? You'll just have to read on to find out. Siriously, you don't want to miss out on our take on this bumper.


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Top 5 Best Aluminum iPhone 4 Bumpers 

We aren't afraid to say that we've seen and tested our fair share of aluminum iPhone 4 bumper cases here on Gadgetmac. There's something about the solid CNC machined, cold metal feeling a lot of you love about these bumpers that make some drop considerable amounts of cash on these just for the luxurious good looks some of these aluminum bumpers have to offer. With growing amounts of options and very little time to waste searching for that perfect aluminum bumper for your already ridiculously well engineered iPhone 4 (some say otherwise), we've put together a guide with out top 5 best aluminum bumper cases out there that we think are worth your attention and possibly even your hard earned cash.

Curious as to what out top 5 best choices are? Well, you can jump past that break to see for yourself! It's not hard, click the button below... You can do it!

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