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CalypsoCrystal CalypsoCase Cabrio Case for iPhone 5s Review

Over in Slovenia, CalypsoCrystal is making a different kind of iPhone case, handcrafting one case at a time using meaningful materials. CalypsoCrystal's new CalypsoCase Cabrio is another high-end and very much premium protective case made for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s using elegant materials like beautiful genuine Italian leather merged with the rigid qualities of a machined aluminum chassis. It's certainly a very different kind of CalypsoCase compared to the hard leather and titanium sleeve-type we liked so very much back when we reviewed the very first CalypsoCase variant for the iPhone 4S. The CalypsoCase Cabrio edition encases your device with the same luxury and sophisticated style, but it's a proper case that protects and gives you instant access to your iPhone without having to pull it out of a separate protective accessory. The question is – will it be worth your $159/€139 investment? Let's go find out!

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CalypsoTab By CalypsoCrystal Leather iPad & iPad mini Sleeve Review

The iPad and iPad mini are arguably the best tablets money can buy. iPads are amazing devices needless to say, devices that deserve the very best in accessories. Turns out you can get the very best for your iPad if you're willing to spend some cash, and CalypsoCrystal will help you get rid of it quickly thanks to its brilliant line of luxury, handmade leather sleeve cases. The CalypsoTab recently made its way onto the high-end spectrum of premium iPad-only accessories. CalypsoCrystal hasn't yet gone mainstream, and it's still very much a speciality brand that has managed to impress us time and time again.

Our profuse encounter with the company's CalypsoCase, a leather iPhone 4/S and iPhone 5 sleeve, was so enormously positive that we've labeled it with our respect as the best iPhone sleeve your money can buy. The question we're asking now is can the CalypsoTab live up to the standards set by its iPhone sleeve companion.

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CalypsoCrystal CalypsoCase Summer 2013 Collection Review

CalypsoCrystal recently introduced its new summer 2013 collection-themed CalypsoCase for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, and it is now being offered in multiple stylish flavors including this summery metallic leather with a sparkling golden color finish that only a true fashionista would dare rock. Unless we haven't gotten our facts straight, that's about all there is to know about CalypsoCrystal's recent extravagant luxury items.

In all seriousness, CalypsoCrystal's latest summer 2013 collection of luxurious handmade leather sleeves for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/S and even the Samsung Galaxy S4 are the same incredibly amazing sleeves we've reviewed and simply adored in the past on a few occasions. Because we're fans of absurd high standards, and well because CalypsoCrystal was nice enough to let us have a look at one of their latest CalypsoCase sleeves in what the company calls the Kansas Gardens color - which really is just a beautifully metallic gold leather variant of the conservative natural looking leather types that is finished off with a sparkly texture that'll sure to stand out in a crowded public gathering; we couldn't refrain from sharing with you this amazing handmade piece of brilliant metallic Italian leather. So we took a couple of shots.

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CalypsoCase By Lara Bohinc Leather iPhone 5 Sleeve Case Review

So you have an expensive taste for luxury accessories do you now. Well then, you've certainly came to read the right review of a certain type of accessory that'll look pretty protecting your shiny new toy. The iPhone is one of the most elegant smartphones in the world, and it would only be fair to match it with something that's equally as extravagant. CalypsoCrystal is one of the few names in the case industry to handcraft luxury cases for the iPhone made using leather, titanium and silver materials.

It's not the first time we've taken a look at one of CalypsoCrystal's outstanding sleeve cases for the iPhone. The CalypsoCase scored our highly recommended rating for being one of our all-time favorite sleeve cases. This time, we're taking a look at CalypsoCrystal's designer collection featuring the limited edition CalypsoCase designed by European fashion designer Lara Bohinc. More fashion heading your way down below!

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CalypsoCrystal CalypsoPad Leather Pad for iPhone 4/S & iPhone 5 Review

The CalypsoPad is one of those accessories that you've thought you'd need. Simple put, this is the one and only pad that will make you take out your wallet without even knowing why. It's made from fine Italian leather, carefully handcrafted deep behind the borders of Slovenia, and we can only think of one company capable of such European chic greatness, CalypsoCrystal. We can talk about how stylish and modern this leather pad looks, but is it good enough to even bother using? Take a look after the break!

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CalypsoCrystal CalypsoLoop Leather Sleeve Case for iPhone 4S Review

Before you shout deja vu and mumble to yourself "this is madness", CalypsoCrystal has introduced another version of the CalypsoCase named CalypsoLoop. A slightly different leather sleeve in its exterior made for both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. After looking at the CalypsoCase, we've yet to come across a better sleeve that is equally as protective and has the smell of a rich sheik. One of our smug complaints on the CalypsoCase was that its pure silver CalypsoRing trim could rub off the wrong way if you happen to be a guy. Well it kind of looks like we've got a new version on our hands to fiddle around with that may or may not top off the CalypsoCase in sheer expensiveness. If you've got that expensive taste then you've wasted no time jumping past the break!

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CalypsoCrystal CalypsoCase for iPhone 4S Review 

The CalypsoCase made headlines back in June when it was announced and it has caught our attention too, but it was still in development until today. Based in Slovenia right off the border of Italy, the company behind the CalypsoCase is CalypsoCrystal. With expertise in boutique and high-end fashionable accessories, CalypsoCrystal's sleeve case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is out of this world. iPhone users now have a good reason to turn their attention over to the CalypsoCase.

This isn't just another sleeve to mess around with, this is a fashionable accessory you would expect to find at the best boutiques and fancy shops around. Made from only the best of the best, the CalypsoCase should be the crème de la crème of cases. Is it really all that? Find out after the break!

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