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MobileMount Review

Over these past years we've gotten to try numerous kinds of stands and mounts of all shapes and sizes, but none of them were like the one we're reviewing today. The MobileMount is a small, universal suction cup mount that will mount just about every tablet, smartphone and hand held device as long as its got a flat surface for it to leech on without prematurely letting loose. Suction cups are one of our worst nightmares, and we bet you also have your fair share of suction cup fails to share too. Will the MobileMount successfully suck its way to glory? There's only one way to find out.

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Vogel's RingO iPad 2 Mounting System Case Review

Well oh well, look at what we've got our hands on. Vogel's RingO for the iPad 2, a universal mounting system compatible with the iPad, iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We've reviewed a similar mounting system to the RingO from ModulR, which has been one of the more popular offerings for such an occasion. The Vogel's RingO mounting system is built fairly in the same way as the ModulR system but with a little difference in the your tablet connects to various adapters that come bundled up with the RingO case. If you love hanging your iPad 2 on your wall, in the car and having a weather alarm clock sitting on a bedside table only using one case, you may want to stick around for the full review after the cut!

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