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OCDesk OCDock iPhone 5 iMac Lightning Dock Review

Charging docks this innovative are one in a million. The OCDock is one of the many incredible things to have originated due to the crowed-funding platform Kickstarter. It is also a part of a rather small group of truly innovative accessories that has gathered a great deal of iPhone and iMac-using followers. The problem with docks these days is that while they may be minimalist to the utmost degree, they still take up desk space and look like a wired mouse with an exposed cable running from behind. We love to cut the cord on just about everything don't we? That is what OCDesk set out do achieve with their OCDock dock for the iPhone 4/S and iPhone 5. It was designed to seamlessly flow with the iMac or Thunderbolt Display whilst cleverly concealing its cable to form super clean desk setup any Apple enthusiast will fall in love with.

If you've got an iMac or a Thunderbolt Display, this aluminum-machined dock was made for you and your iPhone. Our full review awaits!

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Podi-m Aluminum Lightning Dock Review

Docks are a simple convenience that let your charge your device proudly. They are a stationary charging station designed exclusively for an assortment of gadgetry. And the Podi-m is the type of dock that can do it all. Designed with elegant style in mind, the Podi-m is a Lightning dock when you want it to be, and a 30-pin connector dock if you're still left behind. It comes to us curtsy of Kickstarter, a popular project crowd funding site that helps fund and build the concept dreams of individuals and startups alike into a reality. We've seen some amazing products successfully make their way from unknown concepts into great hits in a short amount of time with the help of curious buyers searching for that unique thing.

Take the Adonit Jot stylus, the incredibly useful olloclip iPhone 3-in-1 lens attachment and the LunaTik watch bands for example. All amazing accessories, made possible because of Kickstarter. The Podi-m is one of those upcoming products that's currently available to pre-order as of today, and we've got an exclusive first look at this versatile Lightning dock in its prototype state designed to sit and look pretty on your desk or night stand. Catch the full review right after the break!

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Element Case Vapor Dock Review

Ah yes, Element Case, the harbinger of machined aluminum iPhone cases. Element Case for those of you who doubtfully are unaware of, are the makers of the Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp cases for the iPhone. One of the most amazing aluminum cases money can buy. Until now, there hasn't been a dock sophisticated enough to fit these brilliant cases perfectly in every way. Finally, Element Case's latest product isn't another good looking case, but rather a charge and sync dock known as the Vapor Dock. Made from what else, a block of cold aluminum. You better hold onto your socks, the full detailed review awaits you after the break!

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