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Quirky Converge Gadget Charging Station Review

Docks began as a way to prop up your shiny devices in all its glory, a way to turn your gadgets into a piece of décor for your work-desk. We all know of the classic Apple Dock for the iPhone and iPad, but at $30 per dock, it is tough to justify purchasing too many of those. Quirky, a start-up website similar to Kickstarter, has brought Jin Chai’s docking station, the Converge, to life. Capable of docking up to four devices, you can show off all of your prized gadgets in one place. Check out the full review after the cut!

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Element Case Vapor Dock Review

Ah yes, Element Case, the harbinger of machined aluminum iPhone cases. Element Case for those of you who doubtfully are unaware of, are the makers of the Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp cases for the iPhone. One of the most amazing aluminum cases money can buy. Until now, there hasn't been a dock sophisticated enough to fit these brilliant cases perfectly in every way. Finally, Element Case's latest product isn't another good looking case, but rather a charge and sync dock known as the Vapor Dock. Made from what else, a block of cold aluminum. You better hold onto your socks, the full detailed review awaits you after the break!

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Stem TimeCommand Alarm Clock Speaker Dock Review

With loads and loads of speaker docks made for Apple's expensive yet so desired products out on the market, shopping around for a good speaker dock can become an overwhelming and tiring experience. Like many of you, I too make my own research before running out and handing my hard earned cash for a certain product. Stem's TimeCommand is yet another speaker dock that combines an alarm clock into one package. The TimeCommand isn't just another speaker dock though, it's got a few features up its sleeve that I think makes this speaker dock well worth your attention. Full review right after the break!

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JBL On Time Micro Speaker & Clock Dock

This little dock has it all to keep your bedside rocking during the day and early in the morning. What the JBL On Time Micro is really meant for is to be a bedside or office speaker dock for your iPhone, iPod or even your laptop. The two main features on the On Time Micro is the clock function and of course the audio speaker dock. It's got a decent sized blue backlit display and blue backlit function buttons that look good and can be set to turn off after a few seconds of inactivity. Catch the full review after the break!

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Rearth Ringke Case & Ringz for iPhone 4

The Rearth Ringke case for the iPhone 4 is a simplistic slim case that is made out of silicone but is also coating with a high polymer coating to reduce the amount of lint and dust from attracting to the case. If you're familiar with cases by SGP, the Ringke feels exactly the same as the Silke R case. The coating works very well and does not attract any lint to itself but because of this grainy coating you lose a lot of grip on the case and that isn't a such a good thing. I'm not a big fan of slippery cases that protect my iPhone 4, and the Ringke is one of them. Another downside to the Ringke case is that it has flimsy sides which tend to flex outwards and not hold their place. Read more for the full review after the cut!

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Audyssey Audio Dock Review

It's not everyday you come across an audio dock that completely changes your opinion on these small, not so good looking and sounding audio docks. Audyssey isn't new to audio, in fact they are the makers of sound systems for movie theaters, home theaters, recording studios, cars and more. The South Of Market audio dock is Audyssey's first standalone product for consumers, and their first audio dock is simply amazing.

If I could express how the South Of Market audio dock looks, let alone sounds, I would say it's stunningly beautiful in every way possible. Catch the full review after the break!

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Twelve South BookArc Stand & Dock For iPad

The BookArc by Twelve South is yet another incredible piece of accessory made for an Apple product, this time it's the iPad. The BookArc is made out of anodized solid heavy steel and aluminum that easily goes along with your other Apple products and of course the iPad. Not only does the BookArc look great but it also works very well. The BookArc is a stand for the iPad and can also be used as a dock. There are two soft silicone inserts, one is designed to work with your iPad without a case on, and the other is designed to work with most slim cases. The insert that will hold your iPad without a case will allow you to position your iPad in both vertical and horizontal positions while keeping your iPad in an upright angle. You can also position your iPad in a slightly tilted position. 

The second insert that allow you to use your iPad with most slim cases including the Belkin Vue Grip, will only allow you to position your iPad upright in both vertical and horizontal positions. The BookArc is very sturdy and securely holds your iPad in place. While touching and pressing on the iPad's screen, you will notice that is sits in place and will not tip over like Apple's iPad Dock. The BookArc has rubber feet that work great on any surface and will provide great traction. After using the BookArc for a while, I realized that it's the best stand and dock available for the iPad. It's a great alternative to the Apple iPad Dock and it works great, whether you want to dock your iPad neatly on your desk or pair an Apple Wireless Keyboard and work with your favorite typing app, the BookArc is just a beautiful and well designed stand for the iPad. The BookArc is also available for any Macbook. Price $39.99.