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Lunatik Seismik iPhone 5 Case Review

While it pains me when I've got to give up using a case like the one I've been recently using and have reviewed, the Ronin Titanium G10 by Element Case, to continue on with having to spend time testing out the next case which happens to be the Seismik case for the iPhone 5, surprisingly the transition from an ultra-premium $350 case to a regular one that costs $35 isn't as bad as you would think.

Leaving behind such a special case is something you wouldn't want to be doing willingly. Fortunately, I do enjoy a superb non-premium case with cool features once in a while and that case just so happens to be the Seismik. A case made by Lunatik, designed by the renowned design firm MNML and made available for the iPhone 5 and now also the Seismik Touch for the iPod touch 5, the Seismik is a special kind of case in its own right. Let's go have a closer look at what the Seismik has got to offer in exchange for $35 down below.

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LifeProof Gen 2 Waterproof iPhone 4S Case Review

Arguably one of the most incredible cases we've ever reviewed was the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4. Why? Simple really, its waterproof capabilities, drop, dirt and dust (triple Ds in your face) protectiveness are an essential part of what most if not all iPhone users look for. In fact, the LifeProof case is so amazing that it'll blow you away with how well it performs while remaining so slim. Now that time has splashed by, LifeProof has made a few changes and has released the second generation of the LifeProof case. We thought we would have a look at the LifeProof Gen 2 ourselves to see what has changed and if for the better. So be sure to jump past the wave for the full review!

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LifeProof Waterproof Case for iPhone 4 Review

We love tough cases here on Gadgetmac and even reviewed quite a few of the most known ones out there. LifeProof has been one of those cases that you just had to see it for yourself to truly believe in what it advertises itself to be. The LifeProof case for the iPhone 4 might be the most incredible case that has come out for those who live their lives on the extreme. We're talking complete and total waterproof capabilities and much more that comes with that too. It meets military standards for protecting your iPhone 4 against water, dirt, snow, dust, sand and impacts. Going out snorkeling up to 6.6ft deep while using your iPhone 4 to take HD video seems like a great and inexpensive idea now.

Have you seen those few overly bulky waterproof cases? Yeah, I wouldn't want to be investing in only for their waterproof capabilities. If you're like me, you should jump past the break for the full review!

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Top 5 Best Protective iPad 2 Cases Guide

Welcome to yet another Gadgetmac Guide where we try to help you pick the best case for your mobile gadget. This time we're talking iPad 2 protectiveness. There is a very limited selection of extremely protective cases for the iPad 2. We hand picked some of the best options out there and concentrated them all in one guide so you can pick out the best case that's available now to keep your iPad 2 protected against those awful accidental drops, dirt and those rainy days. If you're overly protective, this guide is for you! So jump over that break for the full guide!

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Thule Gauntlet 15" MacBook Pro Protection Sleeve Review

Thule has stood out to me as a quality and thoughtful company that its design and vision are up to today's high modern and tech world standards. It should come to no surprise that Thule's protection offerings for Apple's MacBook line would be just as awesome as Thule's Crossover Messenger Bag we recently reviewed. Thule's Gauntlet sleeve, otherwise known as the TAS-115, is a refreshing difference in an ocean full of identical looking sleeves. You won't find any of that boring neoprene material in this sleeve. This is possibly the most rugged looking sleeve you will find on the market for your 15" MacBook Pro.

Don't have a 15" MacBook Pro? You'll be happy to know that Thule's rugged Gauntlet sleeve is also available for the 13" MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for the same exact price. How much exactly? $49.95. Hop past the break for the full and detailed review!

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Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2 Review

Remember our review of Griffin's Survivor case for the iPhone 4 we posted a while back? This time we've got our hands on Griffin's latest addition to the Survivor family of extreme-duty cases. It's the most mean and vicious protective case Griffin has ever created. And for good reason. The Survivor case for the iPad 2 has taken on similar aspects from the Survivor case for the iPhone 4 and it evolved to improve on some of the few bad cons the Survivor case for the iPhone 4 had. The Survivor case for the iPad 2 isn't going to come cheap, its $79.99 price tag will surely make you think twice, though the Survivor was tested and certified to meet or exceed military standards just so it can save your iPad 2's life from harm's way.

Griffin's Survivor case is the toughest iPad 2 case I've ever set my hands on, but is it really worth your hard earned (or easily earned, no judging) $80? Find out in the full review right after the cut!

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iSkin Touch Duo Case for iPod Touch 4G

The iSkin Touch Duo case shares many similarities with the Duo case for the iPad but further improve on protection. Replacing the black bezel outline found on the Duo case for the iPad is a hard plastic front shield that borders the iPod Touch 4G's screen. If you like belt clips and need some of that tough protection, you might want to check this case out and we have the full review after the cut.

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Ark Arkhippo 1 iPhone 4 Case

You are looking at the most massive case made for the iPhone 4, the Arkhippo 1 by ARK. The Arkhippo 1 is intended on being very bulky and that is what makes it a very usable case in more ways than one. The Arkhippo 1 is such a huge case that it is self standing and can be set in both vertical and horizontal angles. Full review after the break.

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