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Monster Lil' Jamz In-Ear Headphones

These little in-ears are Monster Cable's most affordable pair of in-ear headphones out of the in-ear series of headphones they offer including the Turbine which I reviewed a while back and really loved. Monster seems to have a trend of making their in-ear headphones entirely out of metal enclosures and that proved to bring toughness and extreme durability over time. The Lil' Jamz are no different and have the same design characteristics as its older brother, the Turbine in-ear speakers. So how do these stack up with the more expensive Turbine in-ear speakers? Find out in the full review after the jump.

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Etymotic MC3 Headset + Earphones

Our good friends over at Etymotic have sent over their new MC3 in-ear earphones which coincidentally double as a headset fully compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod with a 3-button remote. Etymotic are known to have the most amazing clear sound quality and comfortable array of ear tips. We got the low down, or shall I say, the high down on the MC3 from Etymotic in the full review right after the cut.

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Shure SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure is a leading audio equipment manufacturer for professionals and consumers alike. The Shure SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones are just a step down from the company's flagship in-ear monitor, the beloved SE535. Are these headphones doomed to stay in the shadows of their bigger brother? Or do they come into their own just they way they are? Find out after the break!

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JAYS t-Jays Three In-Ear Earphones 

We've got yet another pair of high end earphones from JAYS for you, this time we have the t-Jays Three. As small as the t-Jays Three are, they out perform on-ear headphones like the Beats By Dre Studios, Philips The Stretch and more. The t-Jays Three might be small but they produce studio quality sound that is mostly found in on-ear headphones with larger drivers. It's pretty unbelievable how JAYS perfected their line of in-ears. I thought it would hard to beat the a-Jays Three, and here come a long the t-Jays Three with their amazing professional sound quality and 10mm TCD dynamic driver. Read on for the full review after the break!

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NOCS NS200 Earphones With Remote And Mic

It's no doubt the Swedish know how to make good sounding earphones and headphones. Nocs are a Swedish in-ear and headphone maker bringing us well designed audio products like the NS200 earphones that feature a remote and mic compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Macs. The NS200 are Nocs' first model out of three others. The Nocs NS200 feature dynamic drivers which produce a very warm and full sound with beautiful bass that brings every song you're listening to, it's own beats. The NS200 are constructed from aluminum for maximum durability and have superb built quality. Full review after the break!

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Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers With Control Talk 

The Monster Turbine are a very well made pair of in-ears with extremely solid metal construction that feels and looks awesome. Iv'e been using the Turbines for a month now and I enjoyed every minute of my music. These have no connection to the more known Beats By Dr. Dre line and are entirely by Monster. The Turbine take a very similar shape and design of Monster's popular video cables, they have red and blue rings to help distinguish from right to left while also adding a lot to the overall design. Metal construction is always a good to help you enjoy your earphones for many years without them breaking, and the Turbine are very well constructed and don't feel cheap. There is a nice heft to them but once you have them in your ears you don't notice them.

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Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi

The SuperFi 5vi are a great sounding pair of in-ears. They deliver very detailed and clear sound for all music genres but they do lack a bit of bass. Those of you who need punchy and deep bass, the SuperFi 5vi will most likely not feed your hunger and will leave you wanting more. With that being said, after hours of burn-in time, the sound did improve a bit and so did the bass - still not deep but certainly sufficient for most people. The SuperFi 5vi are also a headset for the iPhone and BlackBerry with an inline mic and controls. The single button control cannot control the sound volume but only play/pause music and videos. When listening to music, you can double click to skip songs. You can answer calls, end calls and to bring up voice control on iPhone you simply click and hold for two seconds. 

A great thing about the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi is that they come with Comply foam ear tips for maximum sound isolation and comfort. After using these foam tips, you won't want to use any of those regular rubber ear tips anymore. What's so good about these foam tips is that they fit everyone's ears perfectly because they form inside your ear to it's shape and block almost all background noise. I should note that after about a month of everyday use with the foam tips, you will need to replace them with new ones. 

The build quality could be a bit better. The SuperFi 5vi feel a bit cheap but they do look stunning. The cable is a tangle-free cable which works well. It's a bit thin but feels very durable so I wouldn't worry about it when exercising. You can wear these in-ears over your ears or under depending on your style. Half of the right monitor is colored red for easy and quick left/right identification, which is a very useful little detail. 

The SuperFi 5vi are one of the most clearest sounding pair Iv'e listend to. This allows for very detailed and undistorted or muffled sound. While they do lack in deep bass, I would highly recommend them. With the SuperFi 5vi included are: a hard carry case, Comply foam tips, various sized silicone tips and an ear war cleaning tool. Price $189.99. Available on Amazon for less. 



Padacs Aksent High-Definition In-Ear Earphones

In-ear headphones hovering around the $60-80 range are often the most popular candidate for people wanting to replace sub-standard stock earbuds, so Padacs has taken a shot at this market, specifically for iPad, iPhone and iPod owners. Enter the Padacs Aksent, a pair of in-ear headphones including volume play/pause and volume control buttons and a microphone, priced at $69.95AUD. These earphones are a great step up from the stock Apple earbuds and will no doubt satisfy anyone looking for a decent upgrade.

These earphones are encased in a very stylish looking chrome shell, and the foam tips’ black colour complements it nicely. The symmetrical cable is also black and has a rubbery texture, similar to that of the Sennheiser CX300s. This cable is not specifically tangle proof, but it does relatively well at keeping tangles to a minimum. The 3.5mm stereo jack features a slim profile, so owners of iPhones/iPods with cases can rest easy that the plug will fit. The other major feature of this model is the buttons and microphone attached to a black housing that lies directly before the wire splits into two.

The sound quality of these earphones is great for the price range, delivering rich sounds through its drivers and directly into the ear canal. The earphones produce a powerful but rich bass, while the treble is still clear and is not distorted. For those who don’t enjoy big bass, these might have too much of a punch behind them, but for most the sound is a clear overall blend that produces excellent sounds with almost all music types. It should be noted that for good bass response, it’s essential that the foam tips provide a good sound seal to achieve the best sound. The included tips should be a comfortable fit for most, and the best way to insert the earphones is to compress the foam, place it in the ear and allow the foam to expand to the shape of your ear.

There’s one thing that I should clarify, although most people probably wouldn’t mind this. The ‘volume control’ is a slider, and rather than directly changing the iPod’s volume, it lets you change between 0% to whatever volume your iPod is currently set at. This isn’t as accurate as having two individual buttons like the Apple earbuds, but in return it makes it much simpler to change the volume. For me, this wasn’t an issue, and the main button I used was the pause button. Like the Apple headphones, double clicking this button will change to the next song, which is a feature I absolutely love. The ‘remote’ is quite large, but this will only be a problem if you plan on using these while going for a run.

The Padacs Aksent earphones are a highly recommendable pair of earphones, and while the remote design could use some tweaking, for the price the sound quality will not fail to impress. Included is also a small carry bag, plus a shirt clip to keep the cable from moving excessively. If they sound like a pair to suit you, check out the link below to see the item’s web page.


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