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JAYS a-JAYS Three In-Ear Earphones

Iv'e reviewed and listened to many high quality earphones and headphones in the past to be able to notice a good sounding pair. I did not think that something so small can produce such an amazing sound, until I got my hands on the a-JAYS Three by JAYS. The a-JAYS Three pack such an incredible sound, all in an ultra compact design. Right out of the box these sounded just amazing. I really got blown away to how close they come compared to a pair of full fledged over-ear headphones. JAYS really do an amazing job with every single product they make so far. The a-JAYS Three are absolutely stunningly crystal clear but also, they have incredible punchy bass. The 8.6mm TCD neodymium driver produces such high quality bass that makes you feel your music. The sound is in no way distorted or muddy on any kind of music genre. The a-JAYS Three have a very rich warm sound that most people like including myself. They are very well balanced throughout the sound spectrum. 

The design and built quality is just as good as how they sound. The a-JAYS Three have a very nice soft touch coating surrounding the hosing with a glossy plastic cap. The slim profile makes for a very comfortable listening for long periods of time. Once in your ear, the a-JAYS Three are very unnoticeable so if you like to lay down while listening to your music, it won't be a problem for you. I really love the flat tangle-free cord which is the best flat quality cord Iv'e came across. The only thing I can say that did not impress me was the audio jack's design, which looks like a cheap piece of rubber without any design really. It will fit most devices due to it's slim profile. The a-JAYS Three come with a pretty useless hard storage case that is very slim. I had a hard time placing and closing this case with the a-JAYS Three neatly tucked inside. 

Depending on which silicone tip you choose to fit your ears, I was able to get a decent amount of sound isolation from outside noises. The a-JAYS Three are so lightweight that I would forget I even have them in my ear, which made me focus much more on my music than having to worry about them falling out and discomfort. I would highly recommend the a-JAYS Three for any music genre. The price, sound and build quality makes these a perfect pair of in-ears. Price $60.



Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs w/Mic & Button Control 

Audio for Rockford Fosgate isn't something new, they are the pros of audio sound systems mainly for cars. And now they have produced the Punch Plugs in-ear earphones. Iv'e had great expectations from these and they definitely did not disappoint. I have received the newest model of Punch Plugs that include an inline mic with control buttons to control your music and calls. The Punch Plugs deliver outstanding bass performance that will make you not want to stop listening to your music. The bass is very clear and solid, very similar to what you will find on the Monster Beats Studios by Dr. Dre headphones. So all of you who just can't get enough of great bass, I would highly recommend the Punch Plugs for you. The overall sound quality is very warm and clear sounding, no distortion or muffled sound to be found. Inside are 15mm dynamic drivers.

The Punch Plugs really let you enjoy your music, whether you are listening to some great heavy bass songs or vocal and acoustic songs. They really do a great job with sound quality. Now how is the build quality? The only con I see with the Punch Plugs is their flat tangle-free cord. Yes the cord does a great job at not getting tangled however it's too thin and flimsy. It would be better to make it a little thicker to add more strength to it. The housing of the Punch Plugs are made out of strong plastic and are very solid. 

Sound isolation is great once you find your perfect silicone ear tip. The silicone tips that come with the Punch plugs block out a good amount of outside noise, also sound leakage is at zero which is a great thing. The Punch Plugs are very comfortable even for long hours, you just forget they are even in your ears. The Punch Plugs will not sit flush in your ear but stick out some bit, so this might be an issue for you if you plan to lay in bend listening to some music. With the Punch Plugs provided is a nice compact semi-hard carry case with silicone tips. Price $129.99 and $99.99 for the non-headset model.



Etymotic HF5 In-Ear Earphones Review

Etymotic's HF5, are one of the most popular in-ear earphones in the audiophile world. The HF5 are exactly like the Etymotic HF2 model, except the HF5 do not have a headset feature. The Etymotic HF5 are one of the best sound-isolaters I have ever tried, and this is all thanks to the outstanding ear tips Etymotic provides. So if you are looking so a good pair of earphones that sound fantastic and block almost all outside noise, the HF5/HF2 are for you. Full review after the break.

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Scosche 350m Earphones

The 350m Earphones feature Scosche’s tapLINE Control buttons that let you control your iPhone, iPod and even your Mac! The tapLINE feature works great and has 3 buttons, volume up/down, play/pause. You can control your Mac’s iTunes and Quicktime. The tapLINE also has a mic and makes a great headset for your iPhone or even just record your voice with your iPhone or iPod. The 350m have great strong and punchy bass but the highs are somewhat not clear, Scosche claims these are audiophile grade earphones, I cannot say so myself. They are great for normal users and the tapLINE feature really adds a lot for those who are looking for that Apple earphone replacement. Another nice feature is that you can change the color of your earphones with the 5 additional color caps included, also included is a very nice soft pouch to hold your earphone and accessories. The fit is very comfortable and you get many different silicone ear tips, there is minimal sound isolation but the 350m do not have a sound isolation feature anyway.  These earphone will work with most iPods including the new Shuffle and all iPhones. These earphones are also available without the tapLINE but Iwould strongly recommend getting the tapLINE version. Scosche has many other models that you can choose from. Price $54.99. 



Sennheiser IE6 Sound Isolating Earphones


The Sennheiser IE6 are the lowest in the IE series of Sound Isolating In-Ears however they are great performers and well worth their price tag. The IE6 deliver superb sound quality that will surely out preform many In-Ears in the similar price range, the IE6 have fantastic well balanced bass that isn't overpowering and tight. If you're looking for optimal bass response and custom tuning then you will want to check out Sennheiser's IE8 with of course a much larger price tag. The IE6 have super clear and detailed highs and mids, they do have a nice non muddy warm sound due to the dynamic drivers which most people love. The IE6 come with many silicone ear tips that make listening to your music very enjoyable and comfortable for long periods of time but to get the best performance and sound quality out of your IE6 i would recommend getting some foam tips instead, that way you get much better sound isolation and a little more bass response.

You can wear the IE6 directly in you ear or wrap then around you ear and insert them into your ear, both methods are great and will stay securely inside you ear. The design is a little outdated for me and I find the design of both the IE7 & IE8 far more modern and sleek to my taste however the IE6 have great build quality and  the audio cable is very durable. The 3.5mm audio jack is L shaped and also very well built, you will still be able to use it with an iPad, iPhone and such with cases on. Sennheiser has really put a lot of thought into the packaging of the IE series, you will find a very nice looking hard carry case for you IE6 that will store them neatly and securely inside, although I found it to be a little too bulky to carry around. The Sennhesier IE6 are a fantastic pair of In-Ears that deliver great sound for a great price.  Price $259.95 - Available for much less on Amazon.com.



V-Moda Remix Remote In-Ear Earphones

The Remix Remote are V-Moda's newest series of modern In-Ear earphones made entirely from metal construction, the Remix feature a 3-button remote that allows you to control your music as well as an integrated mic for taking calls on the go or even chat with friends on iChat and other similar applications. The Remix are fully compatible with the iPhone 3GS and Apple's current line of computers, for more devices visit the product page. The new Remix are by far V-Moda's best model with many fixed issues past models had like the Vibe series. No more muddy and overpowering bass and even greater build quality. Let's not forget the new Remix look and feel incredible, they are light weight and have a black glossy metal finish with silver accents that really make them pop out. The Remix are a very comfortable pair of In-Ears with many soft silicone ear tips that will insure a great fit in your ears and will stay in until you decide to take them out, also included are detachable sport earhooks should you want the ultimate stability when exercising and a very soft carry pouch for storing your Remix. 

Bottom line sound - The Remix sound brilliantly fantastic! Just like i said they are V-Moda's best sounding earphones currently made, i have used past models before. No more of the muddy overpowering bass, now it's much more clear and crisp but definitely noticeable and punchy! The highs are superb and clear but you still get a nice warm overall sound, mids are well balanced and crisp. The Remix are also sound isolating earphones which help block a lot of unwanted outside noise and give you better sound at low volumes. I'm happy to say the Remix Remote are definitely worth their price tag of $99.99.



Shure SE310 In-Ear Earphones

The SE310 by Shure are one of the best sound isolating in-ear earphones iv’e tried thanks to Shure’s foam sleeve ear tips, the SE310 provide an ultra comfortable fit while staying secure in your ears. The best way to wear Shures is to loop the audio cord behind your ears to get the most comfort and secure fit out of your Shure earphones. The SE310 come with a huge assortment of ear tips from foam sleeves to flexible silicone tips. The audio cord  is very short however you also get a cord extension that is also detachable, so if for some reason you need to disconnect from your audio device then you don’t even need to take out your earphones out of your ear because the short cable does not get in your way. The build quality on the SE310 is very high and durable with a rubber coating on the end to help you get some grip when inserting them into your ears. 

Sound quality - Although Shure claims to have improved bass response in the SE310, they Shure do not have enough bass in them at all. I was disappointed to not get rich bass response, the bass is there but no punchy or full rich, nothing for bass lovers to see here. I have been using the SE310 for about a month and the sound doesn’t seem to change with burn in time. However the SE310 do sound amazing with really clear highs, very detailed and clear sound spectrum and every single instrument can be heard clearly. Music genres i would recommend listening with the Shure SE310 are Classical, Pop, Alternative, Electronic, County and some Rock. 

The SE310 come with a 2 year warranty, many different sizes and styles of ear tips, detachable extension cable and a portable hard protective storage case. The SE310 are way too expensive for what they offer however they are available for half their retail price on Amazon which makes them a good buy.  Price $299.99.



Woodees Wood Earphones w/Mic

The Woodees natural wooden in-ear earphones look great but does wood really sound richer? Well yes, the Woodees do have a nice full and warm sound with deep bass, the wood housing definitely adds a unique natural looking style. The built quality and design is actually really good with nice silver accents and of course the wood with burned in Woodees logos on each ear piece and R/L channel indicators, the wood housing is very well finished with smooth rounded corners to the touch.

The Woodees sound is not crystal clear and the bass can be a little grainy at times. Although the overall sound quality is not bad at all for non audiophiles and certainly a big step up from any of your stock earphones that are provided with iPods and iPhones. The Woodees also feature a built in mic and button control so you can use them as your headset and control your music or videos, a non mic Woodees version is also available for a cheaper price. The Woodees are very light weight and comfortable with 4 paris of silicone ear tips that should provide Noise Cancelation however they do a very poor job at canceling outside noise but will still provide very little noise cancelation. Woodees are compatible with the iPhone 2G, 3G/S, iPod and other smartphones. Included with a pair of Woodees are a shirt clip and a storage pouch.  Price $49.99. 


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