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Element Case Solace iPhone 5s Case Review

High-end case maker Element Case is known to make the headlines each time it produces a new case, and of course it means that we're all in for a one sweet treat that is sure to leave behind a few cavities in the form of a significant dent in the wallet department. But this time things have changed since we reviewed the hybrid Sector 5 bumper turned case. What once were lavish and over engineered case offerings with a closely guarded bulgy price tag, are now a bit more down to earth and a lot more sensible than ever before.

The perfect example is Element Case's new Solace case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, the company's latest premium case with a lethal modern interpretation of the pricy Ronin case, but with a price that's somewhat easier to swallow. The Solace case features a hybrid design with svelte styling and bits of high-grade materials of which Element Case is best known for - machined anodized aluminum alloy. We'll tell you more about it in our full review after the break!

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Element Case Eclipse S4 & Atom S4 Galaxy S4 Cases Review

Our first Samsung Galaxy S4 case review covers the latest of Element Case offerings that are exclusive to Samsung's 5-inch Android forerunner. Today, were going to be taking a look at two totally kick-ass cases for the Galaxy S4, one fancier than the other. The aluminum hybrid Eclipse S4 case and the ergonomically shaped Atom S4 case, two exemplary means of protection featuring genuine carbon fiber, sound-boosting awesomeness and all the attention-grabbing styling you could ask for. If upscale cases is what you really want, the Eclipse S4 and Atom S4 are the exact opposite of what you'll find elsewhere. Catch our the full review after the break!

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Element Case Sector 5 Aluminum iPhone 5 Case Review

In the past, we have put numerous aluminum machined iPhone, iPod touch and even iPad cases thru testing. One case company stood out like a white knight in shining armor. Element Case is considered by many including us to be the best of the best when considering a case made from the 13th element. Elite cases like the Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp were truly a pair of groundbreaking offerings in the world of high-end protective iPhone accessories. Element Case went above and beyond with its latest hardcore case for the iPhone 5. The Sector 5 is an aluminum bumper-style case that tops off the amazingly curvy Draco 5 with its complexity and pure unadulterated awesomeness. If you were to tell us it was from another dimension, we'd believe you. So lock n' load, it's gonna be a bumpy in-depth review!

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Element Case Wood Series Case for iPhone 4/S Review

We've all experienced our fair share of the most sleek and modern accessories to match our modern gadgets. We just have to have it! After all, the newest and the most futuristic is the best, right? The designers over at Element Case would beg to differ. Well known for their high quality aluminum accessories, Element Case has "branched" out and introduced their latest Wood series to their lineup. Constructed out of beautiful and natural Walnut wood, the Wood Series intertwines technology with nature to create a magnificent fusion that we rarely see today. Head on down to the rest of the review right after the break to see if this case's roots are as strong as you think!

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Element Case Vapor Pro Elite Review

The most popular aluminum iPhone case of them all is now considered to be elite. Element Case likes to release a new edition every once in a while to insure the Vapor Pro line stays up to date and in tune. The Vapor Pro Elite is Element Case's new high-performance CNC machined hybrid aluminum case made to fit the users with even more expensive taste and much deeper pockets. The Vapor Pro Elite is the flagship case in the Vapor Pro series, and for good reason. Metal, wood and leather all thrown into one single iPhone case for the ultimate prestige. Should you make the switch for an Elite status? Check out our full review down below to find out!

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Element Case Vapor Dock Review

Ah yes, Element Case, the harbinger of machined aluminum iPhone cases. Element Case for those of you who doubtfully are unaware of, are the makers of the Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp cases for the iPhone. One of the most amazing aluminum cases money can buy. Until now, there hasn't been a dock sophisticated enough to fit these brilliant cases perfectly in every way. Finally, Element Case's latest product isn't another good looking case, but rather a charge and sync dock known as the Vapor Dock. Made from what else, a block of cold aluminum. You better hold onto your socks, the full detailed review awaits you after the break!

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ElementCase Vapor Pro Spectra Aluminum iPhone 4/S Bumper Case Review

Aluminum cases made for the iPhone are now ubiquitous. The novelty has long worn off, but there are still those who seek that perfect metallic case. When it comes to aluminum cases, the Vapor Pro by ElementCase is the most talked about, most wanted one of all. And like its brother to the esteemed Vapor name, the Vapor Pro is a hybrid. Reception issues are a thing of the past. Don't let the hybrid moniker fool you though, because the Vapor Pro has more aluminum to satisfy your desire of prestigious materials. It all sounds perfect, but is the Vapor Pro worth all the hype surrounding it? Follow the saga down below as we continue to bust myths, compare the two giants and let you in on the action!

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Element Case Vapor Comp Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 4S Review

Going back to where it all began, Element Case was always known for manufacturing truly unique cases for the iPhone and really has lead the way to what aluminum cases are today with the evolution of the Vapor. Thanks for the folks over at TekCases, we can finally put the Vapor Comp - currently one of the hottest aluminum bumpers - thru its paces and say that we've almost reviewed every single aluminum bumper cases out there worthy of incasing the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

We know you guys hate seeing those bars drop like flies, so that's why Element Case has come up with a hybrid aluminum bumper case so stealthy that you should never have to worry about losing reception ever again whilst rocking one of the most awesome cases known to iPhone users. Well, so they say. We find out exactly that and much more in the full review right after that jump!

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