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Phiaton MS 400 Moderna Series Headphones Review

In a sea of headphones of all sorts and prices, the Phiaton MS 400 headphones while having been around for a while now, stand out from the crowd in more ways than one. I've had the pleasure to test quite a few headphones for a while now and when I first found out about Phiaton's MS 400 headphones I immediately got attracted. There's no denying the good looks these sport. Part of Phiaton's Moderna Series, the MS 400 headphones look like the pair of headphones you would get when you purchase a Ferrari. Distinctive red leather and real carbon fiber are mixed into making the MS 400 headphones and the result is one stunning pair of headphones. While the not so stunning price of $249 might seem too steep, yet it may actually be worth it this time. The full review is after the break. You won't want to miss it.

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NOX Audio Specialist Gaming Headset

There are so many gaming headsets out there to choose from but most of them are not very portable and compact. The NOX Audio Specialist is one of those ultra portable, foldable and compact gaming headsets around for under $100. What's so special about these particular set are the unique features that NOX has to offer. Are the Audio Specialist the gaming headset you should buy? Check out the full review right after the break to find out.

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Urbanears Plattan Headphones Review

Could there be any other headphones more hip than these Urbanears Plattan headphones? I didn't think so. The Urbanears Plattan headphones come in a slew of single tone colors and a simplistic design. Urbanears made sure to make your favorite colored headphones and have more than 15 colors for you to choose from. Having your favorite colored headphones is one thing but listening to your music should be more important. We know these headphones look good depending on your favorite color but will they satisfy your ear buds? Catch the full review after the break.

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Twelve South Compass Stand for iPad

The Twelve South Compass is one of the most portable iPad stand available. Unlike the BookArc stand I reviewed from Twelve South, the Compass allows you to fully interact with your iPad in all it's modes. Just like any product made by Twelve South, the Compass looks stunningly beautiful even when it's sitting it it's packaging. The Compass is made out of metal and has a pretty hefty weight to it though still very portable since it has a foldable design that helps keep it slim yet very sturdy. 

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Aviiq Portable Laptop Stand

The Aviiq is a very portable and foldable laptop stand that is made from aluminum. I must say that this is the ultimate portable laptop stand I have ever used, it's so thin and lightweight it looks like it might not be as stable as a laptop stand should be, however that is not the case. The Aviiq is rock solid when it is set up and will hold a 15" laptop without any issues what so ever, up to a 17" laptop. The way that this stand works is it's basically a flat piece of aluminum sheet that has a flexible polycarbonate insides that let you easily fold it for portability. There are two rubber feet that lock thru the base once you fold it out to it's stand position. 

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