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Incipio Flagship Folio Case for iPad 3rd Gen Review

As amazing of a device as the iPad is, I feel its usefulness is somewhat lacking without a good case.  With a bare iPad, there’s no way to tilt it on a desktop to type/view photos/videos, and an iPad without a case is a delicate device, with its shiny glass and aluminum surfaces exposed. Fortunately, not too long after the launch of the most recent 3rd generation iPad, Incipio already had cases shipping for the new Apple device. Today we are taking a look at their latest and greatest offering for the new iPad, the Incipio Flagship Folio. Head past the break for more!

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Spigen SGP Folio.S Series Leather Folio Case for iPad 3rd Gen Review

For most of you out there, Spigen SGP has become synonymous with “high quality” when it comes to accessories for your iPhone and iPad. From their cases to their Glas.t screen protectors, almost everything they make seems to be at or near the top of their respective product categories. Today we will be taking a look at one of their cases for the iPad 3rd Gen, the Spigen SGP Folio Case Series. Does the Folio Case meet the lofty expectations set by Spigen SGP’s array of esteemed products? Head past the jump to find out!

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