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Logitech G502 Proteus Core vs. G402 Hyperion Fury Review

Logitech has recently come out with two new hyperbolical wired gaming mice promising speed, accuracy, agility and potentially unimaginable gaming performance prowess. The astonishingly futurist looking G502 Proteus Core (left) is Logitech's first weight-adjustable performance mouse featuring the company's advanced Delta Zero gaming-grade optical sensor capable of reaching super-human DPI levels of up to 12,000 without dreadful cursor acceleration, as well as an improved hyper-fast scroll wheel. And for those on a stricter budget, there's the new G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse. And although it does come with less premium features and a cheaper price tag compared to the G502, as its name suggest, the G402 is supposedly the world's fastest lab-developed mouse geared towards professional FPS gaming thanks to its gyro and accelerometer-enhanced Fusion Engine hybrid Delta Zero sensor technology, which is capable of tracking insanely fast hand movements of up to 500 ips without skipping a single beat. So which one should you pick? Stay tuned to our comprehensive comparison review after the break!

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Logitech G700s Review

One of the names we never get tired of hearing about is Logitech. They company recently rebranded its hardcore gamer-pleasing G Series of gaming peripherals, and with that also its entire fleet of speciality gaming mice, headsets and keyboards. But today we're specifically going to be talking about the G700s, Logitech's new flagship wireless gaming mouse which has replaced the plain-looking G700 with a fresh coat of skin along with a few other enhancements, albeit minor. As a successor to one of the most sought-after wireless gaming mice, the G700s has got quite the reputation it needs to one-up. Has Logitech improved an already great gaming mouse with the introduction of the G700s? Let's go find out!

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Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech's pedigree mice are in no need for any kind of introduction. They're one of the most widely used and highly regarded in the tech world. The notorious G-series of gaming-grade mice has recently seen a new member added to the lineup. The G600, Logitech's first MMO geared gaming mouse that puts the 'G' in gaming. With a fleet of 20 customizable buttons, LED lights and a killer ergonomic design, the G600 is a fierce gaming mouse competitor. We go hands-on in our full, in-depth review down below!

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