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Colorant USG Impossible Tempered Glass Plus for iPhone 5 Review

Do you want to protect your iPhone 5's screen? We think there's only one viable means of doing that. And that is with a proper glass screen protector. These tempered glass screen protectors offer unprecedented protection while retaining the same natural smooth feeling of the iPhone's glass surface and pixel-sharp Retina display qualities. We took a look at two different types of brands made by two different companies - Spigen's GLAS and Colorant's USG ITG - and since our reviews, many new glass screen protector offerings were quickly tossed into the accessory market to answer the growing demand for glass-made protection.

Glass screen protectors are improving quickly and there's already a new type of protector that'll transform the sharp, abrupt edges of your iPhone 5 into that of a tapered one found on HTC, Samsung smartphones, and the like. Colorant's new USG Impossible Tempered Glass Plus (or ITG+ for short), is a new glass screen protector for the iPhone 5 that'll blow your socks off. We've got the full details after the jump!

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Colorant USG ITG Tempered Glass iPhone 5 Screen Protector Review

Screen protectors were and will always continue to be the number one concern for protecting those amazing touchscreen displays of today's advanced smartphones. While many are already secretly fitted with tough scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 2 displays, people aren't prepared to take any risks whatsoever. Glass screen protectors were considered to be a breakthrough in screen protection when they were first commercially introduced to the consumer market a little over a year ago.

Spigen was the first to out a proper mainstream glass iPhone screen protector with the Glas.t. And now consumers have more selection, starting with Colorant's new USG Impossible Tempered Glass screen protector (or ITG for short) for the iPhone 5. Plastic screen protectors are trembling with fear right now. If the USG ITG is as good as the Glas.t we've reviewed, it'll be a great day for iPhone 5 users.

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Spigen SGP Glas t iPad 3rd Gen Glass Screen Protector Review

At long last, the wait is over and what we consider to be the world's best screen protector ever made is here to to serve and protect iPads. Spigen SGP continues its great success with its revolutionary Glas t glass screen protector made for Apple's new iPad 3rd Gen and the iPad 2. Having already reviewed the Glas t for the iPhone 4S and awarding it our Editors' Choice award, it's even more exciting this time around knowing very well what to expect out of this bigger slab of glass awesomeness that is the Glas t for iPad. Jump over the break for a second round of glass on glass action!

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Spigen SGP Glas t iPhone 4S Glass Screen Protector Review

While you get all excited about the screen protector you got with a case you just purchased, a new generation of screen protectors are finally here. Spigen SGP has long been in the screen protector business and has managed to stir quite a reputation amongst iPhone users. The next generation of screen protection is called Glas t. That's right, it's a screen protection unlike any other because this one is made out of tempered glass. Catch all this glass on glass action after the break! We can assure you that no glass was harmed during the making of this review.

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