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MonCarbone Magnet Force & Portfolio iPhone 4 & iPad Carbon Fiber Cases

Our friends over at monCarbone have hooked us up with their newly released real carbon fiber cases for the iPhone 4 and iPad. The Magnet Force is monCarbone's updated version of the HoverCoat case for the iPhone 4 which we reviewed last year and it rocked my socks off. This time, the Magnet Force is what its name suggests, a magnetic carbon fiber case. monCarbone's Portfolio case for the iPad also bares a very similar form factor of the HoverCoat case for the iPad which we also reviewed last year, and it too got a spec bump. I've had some gripes about the glossy finishes on the HoverCoat cases and I hoped monCarbone fixed that issue when they release new cases. Check out the full review after the break to find out if monCarbone fixed all the kinks.

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WaterField Designs Muzetto Portable Leather Bag for iPad Review

Our good friends over at WaterField Designs in sunny San Francisco, sent over their very popular Muzetto portable leather bag in the 10" configuration suitable for the iPad 2 and iPad. The Muzetto comes in various sizes and color schemes to best suit your needs. I've heard so many positive things about the Muzetto bag but never actually got to try one out for myself and see what all the fuss is about. Well now, it's that time and I'm excited to share this brilliant piece of bag with you. Check out the full review right after the break. 

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DefaultCase Case for iPhone 4

DefaultCase have stirred up some buzz lately about their $0.01 cases for the iPhone 4. These perforated snap-on cases for the iPhone 4 cost only one cent, yes you read correctly. DefaultCase are trying to get their name out there about their brand by selling their cases at a ridiculous low price. This is just a temporary deal to get the word out though, so I would definitely jump on this if you're into these type of cases. The DefaultCase is purely outstanding for it's current price. You might be thinking that the quality will be downgraded but this isn't the case at all. The DefaultCase for the iPhone 4 feels and looks great, it's got a matte soft-touch finish that's helps with grip while instantly attracting peoples attention. 

These perforated cases are very easy to snap on the iPhone and provide moderate protection without any added bulk. You don't need to worry about taking off any back skins you might have already on your iPhone in order for the DefaultCase to fit correctly, it's compatible. I would recommend a back skin just because the little holes will get some dust into them and that might even scratch the back of your iPhone. The DefaultCase has nice rounded edges and provides a nice lip for a lay-on-the-table design. Your iPhone will stay unprotected at both ends and you need to be a bit more careful about that. The only issue I came across is with the volume cutout, it's too small too reach and makes it harder to press down on each button. This cutout should definitely be bigger. The silent switch is easy to get too. If you're known to drop your stuff, you would be better off with a tougher case such as Case-Mate's Tough case. 

I would highly recommend snatching up a DefaultCase for your iPhone 4. The DefaultCase is available in white, black, green, blue, red and pink. Price $0.01. Note: This price will not last forever. 

Update: If you're planning on using your camera flash, the DefaultCase does indeed affect the camera flash and will diffuse it's color onto your image. Using flash with the DefaultCase on, is useless. 


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SwitchEasy Colors for iPhone 4

SwitchEasy Colors for the iPhone 4 is a very simple silicone case with a unique home button add-on. The first thing you will notice straight away on the Colors case is this very delicious looking home button. It's raised up and colors slightly different from the actually case coloring and it's pretty shiny unlike the matte silicone texture of the case itself. This jelly-like looking home button is very responsive once you press it but it doesn't give you much feedback, however it is still very fun to press! The Colors silicone is very grippy and feels great in the hand, it also seems to be a high quality material. I was surprised to find out that the Colors attracted little to no lint, I would think that the black color will show off lint a little more. The overall fitting is tight and form fitting, but I should note that the sides of the case will eventually begin to expand outwards and that might effect the overall fitness. Currently the Colors case is holding up great and my fingers do not peel off the side rims outward.

The Colors offers great protection but minimal drop protection due to it's non-bulkiness design and pretty thin silicone. With the Colors, SwitchEasy provides you with matching port covers to protects your headphone jack and Dock Connector ports from getting any dust and dirt inside them, as well as water. I find these port protectors to be very useful as they blend in seamlessly with the case. Cutouts for the camera and flash are perfect and wide and so is the cutout for the silent switch. While all the buttons are covered up, they stay very responsive and easy to press. Also, the Colors come with two clear screen protectors which fit perfectly and even have a cutout for the front facing camera. The Colors cases are available in 9 colors and come with X2 clear screen protects, X2 headphone port cover and X2 Dock Connector port cover. Price $14.99.