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Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review

Oh yeah, Griffin's ruggedized Survivor case received a subaquatic upgrade recently making it impervious not only to drops, shock, vibrations, dirt and rain - but also to water submersion. Survior + Catalyst is its name, and this $70 waterproof iPhone 5 case was destined to live underwater and in extreme conditions. Using the Survivor name to its advantage, Griffin hopes to extend its original concept of what an ultra-tough iPhone case is all about with this new waterproof design which is surprisingly tougher than the original Survivor case.

Summertime is in full effect, and you're probably looking around for that one case to live with for the next few months. Trouble is, not all cases are good enough to use. Maximum protection always starts with waterproofing when it comes to protecting our gadgets, and over the years there have been numerous attempts at making the best waterproof iPhone case, however, we've yet to find that perfect case which can balance protection with unhindered functionality and everyday usability. We're here to put Griffin's ultimate iPhone 5 case through our relentless reviewing criteria. The Survivor + Catalyst is Griffin's new toughest case with an unpretentiously sleek design, but is it any good?

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Griffin Reveal Case for iPhone 4/S Review

When you think iPhone Accessories, you think of companies like Belkin, Incase, and Griffin. These companies pump out cases almost instantaneously with the announcement of the next new hot Apple item. The iPhone 4/4s has been out for a while now, but today we look at one of those staple cases you might have run across at your big retailer or your local Apple Store - the Griffin Reveal. Is this case worth a second glance? Find out after the break!

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Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2 Review

Remember our review of Griffin's Survivor case for the iPhone 4 we posted a while back? This time we've got our hands on Griffin's latest addition to the Survivor family of extreme-duty cases. It's the most mean and vicious protective case Griffin has ever created. And for good reason. The Survivor case for the iPad 2 has taken on similar aspects from the Survivor case for the iPhone 4 and it evolved to improve on some of the few bad cons the Survivor case for the iPhone 4 had. The Survivor case for the iPad 2 isn't going to come cheap, its $79.99 price tag will surely make you think twice, though the Survivor was tested and certified to meet or exceed military standards just so it can save your iPad 2's life from harm's way.

Griffin's Survivor case is the toughest iPad 2 case I've ever set my hands on, but is it really worth your hard earned (or easily earned, no judging) $80? Find out in the full review right after the cut!

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Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 4 Review

The Griffin Survivor is Griffin's new and most tough case ever. The Survivor is part of Griffin's new Armored series of tough cases including the Explorer and Tracker cases, all compatible with both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4. Until now most users who were seeking some serious protection for their iPhone 4 had to go with Otterbox but now with Griffin's new tough case offerings, it will all change. The Survivor isn't just a name, it was tested and passed both US and UK military standards. The Survivor case protects the iPhone 4 from shock, drop, sand, dust, vibration, wind and rain. The question is, do these meet your standards? We've got the full review right past the break. 

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Griffin Elan Form Graphite iPhone 4 Case

Griffin Elan Form Graphite for iPhone 4 is a two piece case the combines a synthetic carbon fiber texture with a slim form factor. The Elan Form Graphite is fairly easy to install onto the iPhone 4 and I had no trouble taking it off too. The case securely snaps into place using the two pieces, the back cover and the front bezel rim which fully covers the iPhone 4's metal bezel and provides some great lay-on-the-table design. Griffin did a fantastic job at coating the inside surface of the Elan Form Graphite with a rubbery soft touch coating that I see will help protect your iPhone 4's glass back from getting scratched.

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