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Harman Kardon Nova Review

Harman Kardon is a company that is in absolute no need for any introduction – has a new speaker system it wants to share with the world. Putting its interior on display using Harman Kardon's signature see-through speaker enclosure design sense, the Nova is a new triple-driver wireless Bluetooth-enabled speaker system that is essentially an all-in-one SoundSticks system jam-packed into a compact and versatile package that can be used in a regular desktop setup environment, or even as your living room entertainment speaker system while also allowing you to pair your smartphone, tablet or portable laptop in order to stream music wirelessly. But why should you spend more on the Nova when you can get Harman Kardon's famed SoundSticks Wireless 2.1 speaker system for less? Let's find out.

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Harman Kardon NC Headphones Review

When Harman Kardon introduced its first line of consumer headphones last year we marveled their high-end, unparalleled aesthetics and appreciated the fine audio quality that came with it all. In many ways Harman Kardon's CL Classic headphones were and still are a trowback of modern sophistication. They've done their job at pleasing our ears, our tasteful appetite for good design and even our wallet. So how does it get any better than this? I'll tell you how, Harman Kardon's $300 flagship NC headphones might possibly one up their smaller counterpart with premium features like active noise-canceling and gargantuan cups that envelop your ears like some hungry hippo. But how well do they fare when put up against a $200 pair of active noise-canceling headphones? Let's find out!

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Harman Kardon CL Classic Headphones Review

Harman Kardon, a successful and sought-after name in the audio industry to say the least. The company is better known for having AKG and JBL under its audio belt as well as for its magnitude of outstanding household and desktop speakers, most notably the SoundSticks speakers which are one of the most iconic set of computer speakers ever to be made at a reasonable price. Harman Kardon has recently released it's first ever line of headphones under the Harman/Kardon name. We're going to take a deep look into the company's new CL Classic on-ear headphones, a $200 pair of Apple-inspired attractiveness. Be sure to catch our inclusive review after the cut!

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