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Incipio Fixie Tablet Stand Review

Incipio's one and only, Fixie, is a stand that caters not only to the king of tablets, but it also takes care of the little guys too. The Fixie is a multi-angle universal tablet stand that's designed not to become obsolete in the event of the release of a newer, more exciting tablet with different proportions. It might not be our first choice for a go-to portable tablet stand, but as far as the name goes the Fixie can fix your aching weak hands for a hands-free viewing pleasure. Tablet stands aren't on short supply, and you might end up liking what the Fixie has to offer after the cut!

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Incipio Flagship Folio Case for iPad 3rd Gen Review

As amazing of a device as the iPad is, I feel its usefulness is somewhat lacking without a good case.  With a bare iPad, there’s no way to tilt it on a desktop to type/view photos/videos, and an iPad without a case is a delicate device, with its shiny glass and aluminum surfaces exposed. Fortunately, not too long after the launch of the most recent 3rd generation iPad, Incipio already had cases shipping for the new Apple device. Today we are taking a look at their latest and greatest offering for the new iPad, the Incipio Flagship Folio. Head past the break for more!

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Incipio offGRID Pro Battery Case for iPhone 4/S Review

Battery containing cases for the iPhone aren’t new. They’ve been around for several generations of Apple’s flagship device now, and arose out of these little iWonders’ ever increasing need for more power. Incipio’s latest entrant into the category of battery cases, the OffGrid Pro, does bring a relatively new concept with it…the idea of swappable batteries, giving you a theoretical limitless supply of juice for you iPhoning needs. Want to find out more about the OffGrid Pro? Catch the full review down below!

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Incipio The Specialist iPhone 4/S Case Review

Following on the heels of our recent review of the Le Deux, today we take a look at another new product from Incipio, the Specialist for iPhone 4/4S. The Specialist sticks to the trend that Incipio follows with many of their cases in that it combines two different materials into one case…a softer inner layer fused to a harder outer protective layer, a style popularized by the Speck CandyShell and Case-Mate Pop! Cases. Does the Specialist have what it takes to be considered in the same breath as those leading cases in this market category? Jump past the break to find out!

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Incipio Le Deux Hybrid Metal Case for iPhone 4/S Review

Le deux…French for…well…”the two”. In the case of Incipio’s new Le Deux for iPhone 4/4S, “the two” is referring to the two different components that make up the case; a polycarbonate bumper that covers the phone’s metal antenna band, and a brushed metal backplate to protect the rear glass. Incipio has always been a company known to combine multiple materials into one phone case, so what’s the scoop with this latest multi-material offering? Read past the jump to find out!

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Incipio Step Case for iPhone 4 Review

There are far too many iPhone 4 cases to choose from and too little time. Fortunately for you, we've got the Incipio Step case in the hand and it's one solid iPhone 4 case. What better way to keep your iPhone 4 in flawless shape with the Step. Co-molded cases have been around the block and aren't anything to get excited about, but they are one of the best forms of durable drop protection. If you were a fan of Incipio's NGP and Speck's delicious CandyShell, you definitely want to hop that break for the full rundown!

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Incipio offGRID Battery Case for iPhone 4 Review

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, backup battery cases for the iPhone are a much wanted accessory any power user appreciates and trusts with his or her life. We at Gadgetmac reviewed more than a handful already and we think it's Incipio's turn to hand over its iPhone 4 battery case for testing. The offGRID is not a bad name to start out, packing a 1450mAh battery pack under the bonnet, that's hood in case you aren't British. Find out exactly how well the offGRID handles the test of our vigorous reviewing and standards after the cut!

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Incipio Forte 38 Headphones Review

Has Incipio gone mad? What we may know as one of the most known protective case brand on the market has now splurgded into the audio market with its very own line of audio headphones. If Incase can have its own audio line, why not Incpio? We know what you may be thinking to yourself right now, how can a company without a single ounce of audio knowledge and background possibly out good sound headphones? To our surprise, Incipio's Forte 38, aka f38, headphones might in fact have a chance in this fierce headphone market. The Forte 38 aren't your typical hipster headphones you would get at your local clothing store. How good are they? Find out after the break!

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