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Magpul Field Case for iPad mini 2 Review

If until today you thought your iPad mini was the best tablet you've ever held purely from a comfortable form factor standpoint, you were wrong. Your mind will be blown away once you get the chance to feel how awesome it can be once you slip on Magpul's new Field Case case on it. That's right, Magpul now has your tablet covered too. And you won't believe how incredibly grippy this case is, unless of course you've held your iPhone encased with one of Magpul's tactical cases. And the fit? It's just amazing, if not respectively better than the smaller Field Case variant. It's almost like it's part of the device, which is always a huge compliment to any case when it comes to the fit. Because how a case fits around your tablet makes a considerable difference between a mediocre experience and one that really puts a smile on your face. But hold on, you haven't even gotten to our full and in-depth review of Magpul's Field Case for the iPad mini and iPad mini 2 with Retina display. So be sure to tread lightly from here on out, over.

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Spigen Tough Armor Case for Retina iPad mini Review

The Tough Armor case for the iPhone 5s has won Spigen our esteemed Editors' Choice Award, and now there's a Tough Armor version made for Apple's new and powerful iPad mini 2 with Retina display. Spigen's toughest iPad case ever is once again claiming that its the slimmest case that provides even more protection than other bulkier cases out there. Judging by our past experience with the Tough Armor case for the iPhone, it's easy to believe that the iPad version of it will impress no less. And in fact, as soon as we slapped it on our iPad mini we knew that it would be added to our all-time favorite cases for Apple's new powerful pico-sized tablet. With that said, the Tough Armor isn't perfect and it indeed comes with a few caveats worth reading about before pulling that quick-scoping trigger of yours. So be sure to jump over the hedge for our full in-depth review of the new Tough Armor case for the iPad mini!

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Tech21 Impact Mesh iPad mini Case Review

How do you make a really slim case really protective? With an orange colored material called D3O. And Tech21 is a company known for incorporating this material into its protective cases, more notably the Impact Band for the iPhone, as an impact-protection agent which hardens on impact in order to absorb and disperse shock away from the encased device. One of these cases is the new Impact Mesh case for the iPad mini, a seemingly simplistic slim TPU case that's more drop protective than any ordinary slim TPU style case. And as you can tell straight away, the Impact Mesh case is also Smart Cover-compatible. As cool as Tech21's D3O might sound, is it really worth spending $40 on? Let's find out.

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LifeProof Fre iPad mini Case Review

We managed to cover every iPhone case LifeProof has made over the years except for one, LifeProof's iPad case. Introduced in June, LifeProof's Fre case for the iPad mini is an unseemingly ultra-protective case that as you'd expect, is designed to be waterproof down to depths of 6.6ft, drop and impact proof from up to 4ft, snow proof, dirt and sand proof. Despite our underwhelming experience with the Fre case for the iPhone 5, LifeProof has ironed out some of the more infamous kinks with the iPad mini variant. But such a ruggedly slim tablet case doesn't come cheap, the Fre will set you back $100. Arguably a small price to pay in exchange for peace of mind. But is it good enough? Let's find out!

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