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id America SmartFold iPad mini Folio Case Review

id America's SmartFold for the iPad mini is yet another one of them folio-style cases with borrowed innovation first pioneered by Apple's Smart Cover. In a marketplace that's literally flooded with shameless resembling offerings, the SmartFold surprisingly floats to the top with its improved Smart Case-like design and notable execution. id America's SmartFold for the iPad mini is a $40 approach to fulfill your demanding checklist for a great case that offers a full 360 degree protection, "smart" magnetic features and one luxurious leatherette package that'll fool just about anyone who claims they know what real leather is all about.

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SwitchEasy CoverBuddy Ultra-Thin iPad mini Case Review

With so many varieties of iPad cases, everybody is trying to find their own unique feature that will boost sales but not many companies are going the opposite route. We rarely see a simple case like SwitchEasy's CoverBuddy make headlines, which we at Gadgetmac feel deserves much more attention than it gets. The CoverBuddy is a clean and simple piece of plastic that is ultra-thin that snugs right up with the back of your iPad mini. The best part is: it is compatible with your Smart Cover. By sticking to the necessity of keeping your iPad mini safe and not adding any extra weight and features, the Cover Buddy is the ideal companion for the light traveler that could always do with the extra security. See what we think about the Cover Buddy after the cut. 

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Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover Review

Nearly two years ago, Apple first introduced the Smart Cover it developed alongside the iPad 2 calling it a magical cover. The Smart Cover went on to be Apple's official protective accessory for the iPad 3rd and 4th generation, and now a new mini-me version was designed for the iPad mini. The new iPad mini Smart Cover is a shrunken down replica of the original we reviewed way back when with all of the standard features you'd expect out of the trifolding cover, however, what Apple didn't shrink was the price. The question is, will a mini Smart Cover be worth $39 this time around? We instigate it all in our in-depth review down below!

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Our Top Favorite iPad Mini Cases: The Ultimate Guide

In this edition of the Gadgetmac Guide, we are rounding up all of our top favorite cases for the new iPad mini in one easy-to-browse guide so you won't have to waste too much precious time searching for a good protective case, sleeve, skin or even that perfect screen protector. There aren't many worthy options currently available, but we did our best to find the ones that count. It's all here, from inexpensive and just about excusably affordable to pricy. So be sure to make the leap past the break for our full roundup!

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