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JisonCase Vintage Leather iPad mini Smart Cover Case Review

With the plethora of cases out there for the iPad mini, it can be hard to land on a high quality case that hits all the marks. JisonCase offers one of the most elegant and finely executed leather cases out there for the iPad and iPad mini. Is the Vintage Leather Smart Cover Case by JisonCase the ultimate in luxury cases out there for the iPad Mini? Stay tuned to find out.

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id America SmartFold iPad mini Folio Case Review

id America's SmartFold for the iPad mini is yet another one of them folio-style cases with borrowed innovation first pioneered by Apple's Smart Cover. In a marketplace that's literally flooded with shameless resembling offerings, the SmartFold surprisingly floats to the top with its improved Smart Case-like design and notable execution. id America's SmartFold for the iPad mini is a $40 approach to fulfill your demanding checklist for a great case that offers a full 360 degree protection, "smart" magnetic features and one luxurious leatherette package that'll fool just about anyone who claims they know what real leather is all about.

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