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CalypsoTab By CalypsoCrystal Leather iPad & iPad mini Sleeve Review

The iPad and iPad mini are arguably the best tablets money can buy. iPads are amazing devices needless to say, devices that deserve the very best in accessories. Turns out you can get the very best for your iPad if you're willing to spend some cash, and CalypsoCrystal will help you get rid of it quickly thanks to its brilliant line of luxury, handmade leather sleeve cases. The CalypsoTab recently made its way onto the high-end spectrum of premium iPad-only accessories. CalypsoCrystal hasn't yet gone mainstream, and it's still very much a speciality brand that has managed to impress us time and time again.

Our profuse encounter with the company's CalypsoCase, a leather iPhone 4/S and iPhone 5 sleeve, was so enormously positive that we've labeled it with our respect as the best iPhone sleeve your money can buy. The question we're asking now is can the CalypsoTab live up to the standards set by its iPhone sleeve companion.

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Our Top Favorite iPad Mini Cases: The Ultimate Guide

In this edition of the Gadgetmac Guide, we are rounding up all of our top favorite cases for the new iPad mini in one easy-to-browse guide so you won't have to waste too much precious time searching for a good protective case, sleeve, skin or even that perfect screen protector. There aren't many worthy options currently available, but we did our best to find the ones that count. It's all here, from inexpensive and just about excusably affordable to pricy. So be sure to make the leap past the break for our full roundup!

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