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4th Design Trigger Aluminum iPhone 5 Bumper Case Review

4th Design's Blade 5 for the iPhone 5 was arguably a shaky new iteration of the once notorious Blade bumper for the first generation iPhone 4. We thought 4th Design later redeemed itself with the release of the T-type 3, a clean-cut aluminum bumper with a big emphasis on minimalist styling. And now, it appears as though the company has lost all of its marbles by releasing yet another aluminum machined bumper case called the Trigger. Forget about the words like 'simplistic' and 'Apple-esque' - the Trigger is one gaudy-looking, overly masculine piece of an outdoorsy fashion statement of sorts. Can it punch nails into wood? Does it open up beer bottles and turn into brass knuckles? You're about to find out in our full review down below!

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4th Design T-type 3 Aluminum iPhone 5 Bumper Case Review

Premium cases made out of the sought after 13th element can end up costing you a small fortune, and for that exact reason these type of accessories must provoke excellence. We weren't entirely thrilled with how 4th Design's Blade 5 bumper case for the iPhone 5 turned out compared to its predecessor. Fortunately, 4th Design is back with another offering and this time it's playing it simple. Or should we say safe? Because the new T-type 3 is the same T-type bumper case we've reviewed for the iPhone 4S apart from a few design enhancements and careful polishing. Unlike the Blade 5, the T-type 3 bumper brings back the likable creature comforts in a minimalist design. Our full review awaits!

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