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id America Gasket V8 Aluminum iPhone 5 Case Review

The roaring sound of a performance V8 engine can give petrol heads a tingling sensation down in their nether regions. We wonder what an iPhone case might do. id America's Gasket V8 is an all-aluminum iPhone 5 case with an original design deliberately made to make your iPhone 5 look like it's part of a masculine V8 engine block. We haven't seen such a testosterone-loaded case like the Gasket V8 since we last reviewed the Japanese engineered Draco IV by Draco Design.

The Gasket V8 case is id America's second iteration, one that was first designed for the iPhone 4 and now brought back to encase the ever so worthy iPhone 5. As much as it may be a rehashed design, we have found that the Gasket V8 is an improved version of its V8-less predecessor. It's time to push the pedal to the metal to find out how well this case performs.

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Spigen Saturn iPhone 5 Case Review

Spigen SGP is well known around these parts to produce some top quality cases and accessories. So it is not surprising to see Spigen come out with new cases every few months. We recently took a look at the Ultra Flip and Slim Armor cases and both were two cases that we recommended to our viewers. This week we are taking a look at their newly designed case, the Saturn. This snap on style case consists of polycarbonate and aluminum material in a superior slim profile. Hit the jump to check out pics of the case and see if this falls in line with all the other well-crafted Spigen accessories.

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TYLT Sqrd iPhone 5 Case Review

TYLT is one of the emerging accessory brands to have made a good impression at the 2013 CES with a new line of iPhone 5 cases including some quirky charging accessories we thought were pretty clever. The SQRD (pronounced Squared) is one of TYLT's unique iPhone 5 cases to feature a distinct squarishly shaped styling, which we've seen before when it was done by Incase and its Box case for the iPhone 4S. The Box case was a hit, and we loved using it because it was different. The same can be said about TYLT's Sqrd case for the iPhone 5. Incase may have neglected to port its boxy-brick-shaped case for the iPhone 5, but fortunately for us all TYLT stepped up to make its own interpretation. Catch up on our review right after the cut!

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Magpul Field Case for iPhone 5 Review

Magpul, a company that's not as known for its iPhone cases as it is for its tactical and military-grade gear, has successfully managed to rank amongst the best case brands as far as we see it without having a greedy outlook on iPhone users whilst still producing its cases in the USA - with what we think is a more experienced and thoughtful process. Anyone who's had the pleasure of using Magpul's Field Case and Executive Field Case for the iPhone knows very well that the company's new Field Case V2 for the iPhone 5 is going to be incredibly awesome and then some.  

I know that we're really enthusiastic about Magpul's new Field Case for the iPhone 5, and we patiently awaited the release of a slightly slimmer and longer version of Magpul's Gadgetmac Editors' Choice Award-winning case to hit the market, or should I say our hands. After having used the company's iPhone 4/S iterations, I can confidently say that there's no other non-premium style cases I would rather wait months for than Magpul's extraordinary Field Case. Our full review is one click, or scroll away!

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Drop DropCarbon Carbon Fiber iPhone 5 Case Review

Certain cases are made specifically for individual lifestyles. That is definitely what is going on here with the new DropCarbon carbon fiber iPhone 5 hard shell snap-on case by Drop. We all know there are hundreds of carbon style cases to be bought on many websites including tons of them on eBay. For example we recently reviewed the Elements Ion 5 series, which was recommended. The company Drop Electronics is known overseas, but here in the states it’s all new to us. By the looks of the packaging I knew this wasn’t your everyday average $2 case. Check out the full review below to get a closer look and see if its actually high quality craftsmanship or just another thrown in your draw case!

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Mophie Juice Pack Helium Review

Mophie's long-awaited battery case for the iPhone 5 has arrived. The Juice Pack Helium follows a close line made by its iPhone 4/S predecessors that boasts a familiar and favorable design. Mophie is considered to be the name when it comes to picking up an iPhone battery case. Now while Mophie's Juice Pack line of battery cases aren't known to carry the largest internal battery capacities on the market, we think they have a lot to give despite the fact. Juice Packs are generally the most reliable and pleasing to use iPhone battery cases, so naturally we have very high expectations for the new Helium model. Be sure to catch up on our full review down below if your iPhone 5 is in need for an extra serving of Mophie juice!

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Spigen SGP Ultra Flip & Slim Armor iPhone 5 Cases Review

Spigen, one of the leading accessory makers for Apple’s mobile devices, has sent us two of their latest iPhone 5 cases for review. We were fortunate enough to receive their Samsung Galaxy line of flip style cases called the Ultra Flip. Also sent out for review was a two-tone colored case called the Slim Armor series. We've always admired Spigen's affordably priced, solid case and various accessory offerings over the years. Just a few months earlier we took a look at the illuzion series leather flip case for the iPhone 5, which of course we recommended to our readers. Hit the jump and let’s take a look at Spigen's latest to see if they are truly worthy of your money!

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Graft Concepts Leverage i5 iPhone 5 Case Review

One of our all-time favorite case slash bumper hybrid is back from the past, and we're so excited for its long overdue arrival. As some of you may know, Graft Concepts is the maker of the Leverage case which we had the exclusive pleasure of reviewing for the first time back in 2011. And today, we're going to be taking a look at Graft Concept's new Leverage i5 case for the iPhone 5. We liked the Leverage i5's predecessor so much that we've awarded it our Editors' Choice Award. We normally put off any rehashed case designs, but the Leverage is worthy of an exception. Apparently many users of the previous iteration ran into a few issues that needed to be fixed, and thankfully Graft Concepts took the time to improve upon its initial case design with the Leverage i5. Is it now better than ever? Let's find out.

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