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id America Gasket V8 Aluminum iPhone 5 Case Review

The roaring sound of a performance V8 engine can give petrol heads a tingling sensation down in their nether regions. We wonder what an iPhone case might do. id America's Gasket V8 is an all-aluminum iPhone 5 case with an original design deliberately made to make your iPhone 5 look like it's part of a masculine V8 engine block. We haven't seen such a testosterone-loaded case like the Gasket V8 since we last reviewed the Japanese engineered Draco IV by Draco Design.

The Gasket V8 case is id America's second iteration, one that was first designed for the iPhone 4 and now brought back to encase the ever so worthy iPhone 5. As much as it may be a rehashed design, we have found that the Gasket V8 is an improved version of its V8-less predecessor. It's time to push the pedal to the metal to find out how well this case performs.

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