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Apple Official iPhone 5s Case Review

What better way to start our first case review for the iPhone 5s than with Apple's official case for it, the amply named iPhone 5s Case. And unlike Apple's iPhone 5c Case we reviewed, this one hasn't fallen victim to cyber bullying and name calling. Why? Because Apple wasn't as daring with the iPhone 5s Case as it was with its perforated iPhone 5c Case, and it kept things very basic to an utmost minimalist of design. Made from what Apple calls "premium" non-Italian leather, each iPhone 5s Case features nothing but a slimming design made to encapsulate your iPhone 5s with your choice of six, dye-infused leather colors and a bill for $39.

What makes Apple's official iPhone 5s Case different from all the rest? Can Apple beat some of the best leather case manufacturers on the market with its one and only leather-made iPhone 5s case? Find out in our full review after the cut!

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Vaja Nuova Pelle Leather iPhone 5 Flip Cover Review

Less is more? That seems to be the general consensus these days and we've seen that in practice now more than ever. It's Vaja's turn in perfecting a relatively new case concept which notably has been made into a mainstream accessory thanks to Twelve South's SurfacePad. The Nuova Pelle is Vaja's answer to the SurfacePad, an uncanny carbon copy of premium Argentinian leather hand-crafted into a svelte piece of what we can all agree in saying is a flip cover. Like the SurfacePad, Vaja's Nuova Pelle isn't a case but a minimalist and ultra-slim protective flip cover of a case designed using tradition, the best leather you'll ever come across and of course it's also priced for those with expensive taste and a nose for quality. But there's more than meets the eye as you shall soon find out in our full in-depth review after the jump!

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Spigen illuzion Series iPhone 5 Leather Flip Case Review

Mentioning the words leather and case in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to mind is Vaja. It doesn't get any better than a leather Vaja case, unless of course, you don't plan on asking for a small bank loan. In that case, the next best thing is a leather case made by one of our all time favorite accessory manufacturer, Spigen SGP. Spigen is known for making great quality leather cases that cost right. Spigen's illuzion Series for the iPhone 5 brings with it the same fine-looking leather flip-style case qualities in a much slimmer, better form factor. More after the break!

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