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JBL Synchros S700 Headphones Review

When you outgrow your tiny in-ears, there's only one way to step up your intimate audio experience. Over-ear headphones. Their ability to serve spacious sound whilst enveloping your ears like privately enclosed concert halls is one of the many reasons why these beats still exist. Only that you'll probably won't be listening to Beethoven. The experience is unbeatable. Unless of course, you're willing to pay a lot more for custom in-ear monitors. But that's an entirely different topic best left for another day. Today, we're going to be reviewing JBL's newly released Synchros S700 headphones. These cans don't come cheap, and that's because they're JBL's flagship over-hear headphones. To stand out, the S700 offer some really impressive new features baked in that we haven't heard about before. And that's excluding the fact that these headphones are constructed out of die-cast aluminum among other top notch materials, and made to look professionally menacing. Be sure to jump past the break for our full in-depth review!

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JBL WR2.4 Wireless Headphones Review

JBL's first new pair of wireless headphones aren't exactly what you would expect to be a Beats Studio rival, they are however meant to be used as wireless home entertainment headphones. With a built-in rechargeable battery and an over-ear design, the WR2.4 wireless headphones can be connected to any audio source giving you the wireless freedom to roam when gaming, watching a movie or purely listening to music using a robust 2.4GHz wireless connection while keeping it quiet for those around you. And yes you heard correctly, no fancy Bluetooth 4.0 used in the making of the WR2.4. But there's a reason to this madness that anyone looking to get such particular wireless headphones will come to appreciate as an advantage over the common Bluetooth-featuring headphones - and that's compatibility and clean, lag-free audio transmission which is why most gaming headsets feature such wireless connectivity. As versatile as these may be, they do have a few shortcomings we'll be telling you about in our full review down below.

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